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The World's Most Flexible Lighting!

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a technological breakthrough in lighting



Neon Trimtm is an ultra-thin flexible copper cable, coated with electroluminescent semiconductors, that emits a beautiful 360-degree light when AC current is applied, very similar in looks to a thin neon tube! It is like nothing else on the market today. You can buy it by the foot, or in pre-packaged sizes; power it with an AC inverter or our portable 9V battery-powered inverter!



It comes in eight fabulous colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, deep blue, and white. Unlike fiber optics, the brightness in Neon Trimtm is the same throughout its entire length! Neon Trimtm is available in lengths from 4 feet to 800 feet.



Neon Trimtm is durable, flexible, non-toxic, cool to the touch, and water-resistant. Unlike rope lighting, there are no bulbs to break! Product life depends on operating conditions; it can last up to 25,000 hours, depending on voltage and frequency applied to the cable. Neon Trimtm is ultra flexible, allowing for twists and turns not possible with any other product. It allows for tremendous freedom in creativity!



Neon Trimtm is the least expensive luminescent product available to operate. Compared to rope lighting, neon, or fiber optics, Neon Trimtm can save you up to 500 times your electrical costs! One continuous length of Neon Trimtm can run up to 800 feet directly from a 110V/60Hz power source. Neon Trimtm uses less than 0.1 mAmps per foot. The energy consumed by one 100W lightbulb can illuminate 1000 feet of Neon Trim!

Neon Trimtm can be used in many ways. Click on any link to see examples:


Movie or theater props!
Neon Trimtm was used here in the movie Contact
Props used in film Con Air

Star Wars Exhibit, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


Holidays and crafts!

Stage edge lighting!

Car/truck upholstery!


It can be tied into your sound system for a pulsating effect timed to your music!


"It is a fabulous and unique technology that will have many uses in theater, rock and roll and the entertainment industry as a whole"

-- Jules Fisher, winner of seven Tony Awards in lighting design


"I was electrified! We use it to create unique environments within a department store"

--Martine Corteville, Director of Home Visual, Bloomingdale's Manhattan


"There's nothing like it! Far superior to rope light or to anything out there for safety lighting… The ease of use and durability are unparalleled in the industry"

--David Rees, Production Electrician, Jekyll and Hyde, the Musical

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