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Gregory J. Vishey, SSBB, BSME, MSA, CRI, NIT

Professional and Expert Services

Serving SE Michigan and Ohio

(586) 665-0659

●  Inspection Services 

◦  Real Estate, Residential and Commercial

◦  Automotive, Aerospace, Defense

◦  Measurements in the Field, Manufacturing Site and Test Phenomena

◦  Investigation and Resolution of Building Defects and Needed Repairs

◦  New & Renovation Construction Consultant

◦  Registered HUD/FHA Inspector and HUD/FHA 203k Consultant

◦  Inspector Training and Peer Review


●  Engineering, Program Management, Six Sigma, Product Invention, Development, & Process Consulting 

◦  Automotive and Aircraft Seating

◦  Automotive and Aircraft Interior Components, Materials and Assemblies,

◦  Residential and Commercial Buildings & Construction

  Product Development (metals, plastics, interior trim, elastomers, finishes, electronics, environmental survival)

◦  Patent Search and Patent Development

◦  Six Sigma Project Champion - Specializing in Product and Transactional (Financial) Process Optimization

◦  Process Development (extrusion, vac form, stamping, molding, welding, die casting, assembly, Poka-Yoke)

◦  Program Management (Timing Plans, Procedures, Program design, Staffing consultant, Acquisition review)

◦  Team Organizing, Contractor Work Scope, Budget tracking, Manpower Management, Contracts and Defect Resolution


●  Litigation & Expert Testimony

◦  Automotive Interiors & Seating, Aerospace Interiors & Seating, Defense, Real Estate

◦  Drawing reviews, Strategy development, Requirements Review

◦  Scope of Work and Contract, Deliverable and Schedule Compliance

◦  Draw Schedule Analysis, % Complete Calculations, Cost to Complete Estimating

◦  Product, Vehicle, Building/Work Defects and Recommended Repair


●  Real Estate and Property Development

◦  Drawing reviews

◦  Material selection

◦  Contractor Scope of Work Preparation and Review

◦  Product Failure Analysis

◦  Registered HUD/FHA Inspector and Consultant


●  Review my Curriculum Vitae


Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236. C(586) 665-0659

Last Revised  7/15/2010