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Great Lakes And Seaway Shipping (vessel passage) This site is a must for all you boat watchers out there! Great Site!

Duluth Shipping News A site that gives you a little info on what ships are in Duluth MN right now.

Interlake Steamship Co. My Favorite Site, diagrams and info on Interlake's Ships

Sheila Land Visit Sheila one of my best boatnerd buddies and her site, Cadet at the GLMA in Traverse City. Find out a little more about her life and obsession with boats.

Billy B. Brew's Another almost a freighter page....maybe if he would work on it some more.. :-)Anyways, Billy B Brew is a really great friend of mine so check out his site!

Scott Tomlinson's Laker Site Come see my other boatnerd friend Scott's Website. Check out what Queen of the Lakes really means

Scotts Freigher Page Come see some great photos, and see what ships have been in Muskegon

Know Your Ships The boatwatchers bible page!

Eric's Site Check out Eric's site and his beetle that I swear is the sister to mine! Only orange!

Rob's Site Look at Mean Dog's Superbeetle and Baja, great Volkswagen site!

Aarons Page Check out my great friend Aaron's page, find out about the Game Diablo and more! Back to Home