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Volkswagen Super Beetle

My Volkswagen

My Volkswagen Super Beetle..... Hmmmmm what is there to say about it? Well my parents bought it for me for $50 dollars off of a guy that was trying to convert it to a baja. The guy sort of gave up half stream when he started to try to add an electric starter to it. Then the beetle sat for who knows how many years. Let's just put it this way, the last sticker on it is 1989. So we hauled it home on our low-boy(semi). We didnt even know if it ran or not. At the time it was blue and white, and I didn't care for that paint job to well. So when we moved to our new house, I said paint it green, and it was painted green. It was still not running at the time. We had dropped it off then to a mechanic, that said he would work on it off and on in his spare time. Well it was a year before we went and got it back, nothing had really been done to it, just the floor boards were taken out.

In November of 98' my dad finally had it towed to our new mechanic. I couldn't wait for it to be finished. I had decided I wanted it to be a shade of blue, that wasn't the original dark blue, but was darker than the original light blue. On Christmas I found it in our garage with a huge red bow on the top of it. I was so glad to see it finished, and it looked great! I couldn't wait to take it for a ride up my driveway!

So my car is a 1974 Superbeetle, partly baja'ed with a zooped up engine, and wider rear fenders, and wider and better tires. It has a white leather interior, with reclining front seats, and black looped carpet. One thing real funny about it is I looked in the trunk, and i found the original spare tire that went to it!

Right now I want to add VW hubcaps to it, and I need some help with the exterior. I would like to add something to the paint job that would look good. I have thought about flames, and I am still kind of wearry on that idea, because my engine is in the rear, and I have never seen a beetle with flames. So if you have any idea's for me about my Superbeetle,e-mail them to me. *Updated* Well nothing new has really happened. My friend Aaron and I took out my quarter window trying to put new weatherstripping in, well lets just say we cant get the window back in. So we will have our mechanic do it, plus the running boards put on, radio and horn installed, turn signals working, and more more chrome!!!! I have to find an old junker 74 super to cut the rear off of. If you have one and it is in really bad shape,and you dont care what happenes to it, please please let me know...... thanks:-)

Picture of My Bug when we bought it

Picture of My Bug when we painted it green

Look at My Bug now!

A rear shot, showing her engine

My Bug

The Interior

Looking rear inside

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