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MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO THE EARNHADT FAMILY ON THE DEATH OF THE GREATEST RACE CAR DRIVER EVER. YOU WILL REMAIN IN EVERYONES PRAYER FOR A LONG TIME! Dale Earnhardt died of massive head trauma on February 18 on the last lap a half mile away from the finish line. He was currently in third place protecting his son Dale Earnhardt Jr and his team mate Michael Waltrip postions on the track when (in my opinion) Rusty Wallace came behind Dale and inadvertantly lifted the air off the spoiler causing Earnhardt to get a little loose thus causing him to move down the track and clipped Sterling marlin on the front left side of the car. The car then veered down to the apron and Dale over corrected and the car ended up going head first into the outside wall at 180 + mph. Although on video the crash does not look fatal,it is expected that it killed Dale instantly. This is a complete shock to the entire racing world, including me. I have been watching Dale Earnhardt since I was 12 years old (all the way back in 1994) when Dale won his last championship. I saw Dale in that terrible flip at Talledega being carried out of the car with his thumbs in the air telling the fans he is alright. That next weekend at Watkins Glen he not only took the pole but beat the track record. I also viewed Dale's crash at Daytona in 1997 when he flipped after a comming together with my favorate person (Jeff Gordon) walk to the ambulance only to hop out and get back into the car and finish the race. This great man was an idol to me, he is what made me dream of becomming a race car driver. This man to me was invincible and always visioned him winning his 8 th championship and beating the Kings record at 7 championships, but this will not happen as he is now no longer with us. He is now up above with the rest of Nascar's greatest racers, including, Fireball Roberts, Joe Weatherly, Lee Petty, his father Ralph Earnhardt, Neil Bonnett, Davey Allison, Alan Kulwicki, Kenny Irwin, and Adam Petty. Dale Earnhardt one of the most selfish racers was not trying to win Sunday he was helping protect his son and fellow team mate have their chance at winning the Daytona 500, something that Dale Earnhardt after 20 years of trying finally accomplished in 1998. Still talking of his death send chills down my spine, a huge loss to the racing world, and myself. Dale you will be missed not only has a race car driver, but as a father, son, husband, and great friend to so many people. Brian Hagelshaw February 20, 2001

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Stats about Dale Earnhardt

7 Time Winston Cup Champion.

Won more money than any driver in the world.

Career Earnings Through 1996 $28,234,471.

Best Finish First place in 70 races.

Best Single Purse $565,000 in 1995 Brickyard 400

Winston Cup Career Record

Year Races Wins Top 5's Top 10's

1975 1 0 0 0

1976 2 0 0 0

1977 1 0 0 0

1978 5 0 1 2

1979 27 1 11 17

1980 31 5 19 24

1981 31 0 9 17

1982 30 1 7 12

1983 30 2 9 14

1984 30 2 12 22

1985 28 4 10 16

1986 29 5 16 23

1987 29 11 21 24

1988 29 3 13 19

1989 29 5 14 19

1990 29 9 18 23

1991 29 4 14 21

1992 29 1 6 15

1993 30 6 17 21

1994 31 4 20 25

1995 31 5 19 23

1996 31 2 13 17

Home town: Kannapolis, NC

Wife: Teresa

Children: Kerry, Kelley King, Ralph Dale Jr., Taylor Nicole.

Dale preparing for the race.
Dale's Old car
Another fast stop for the Goodwrench crew.
Earnhardt's car he drove at the Winston in 1997
Earnhardt can also drive with the best in Indycar
DE up on his side.
DE staying out on the track.
DE's terrible crash at Talledega in July of 96
DE's car after that crash.

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