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Please be patient. I am currently in the process of creating this web site. I hope that it will be a great source of information on the web for you in the future.

I would like to say that I wanted to create this web site to assist those looking for information to be able to be well prepared for the coming events.

I work in the IT industry. I would have to say that a lot of American businesses will be compliant, or at least majorly compliant, by 12/31/99. Those are private businesses. I do not have as much trust in the government, telephone companies, or the power companies. They have such a big task ahead of them and I'm not seeing a lot of action or relative urgency in regard to the massive task ahead of them.

If things are not fixed by the government, power, telephone companies, there could be quite a few problems. Look at the recent power outage in San Francisco. This was one error by a construction crew to ONE substation. ONE substation took out power for over 1 million people. Magnify that to show the national power grid going down due to non-compliance. On that thought I find it hard to believe that there will only be a need for 2 weeks or 1 month supply of food & supplies. If the government has known of this problem since the late 80's/early 90's, how could they possibly fix it any faster just because the date changes over to 1/1/00?

But let's be as optimistic as we can be. Let's assume that the major industries get themselves compliant. We do not function as a nation within ourselves. We are dependant upon other countries. Other countries control our economy. There are many news agencies reporting that (if you can find the articles) many countries are either not trying to fix their problems, or deny that there will be any problems. This will cause havoc to rule on our financial markets. It could possibly cause the stock market to crash, could put the nation into recession, or even worse, a depression.

Those reasons are why I believe you need to prepare. I don't know if you should make plans to "bug out" as some are. There are two aspects of this picture. One is that things won't be bad, there'll be a few inconviences, but things will return to normal quickly. The other end of the picture shows the world falling into anarchy as the government tries to take over and revoke your God given rights. I think that the situation will fall somewhere between those two points. See some of the Governmental links I've placed below for interesting articles and information

You need to decide for yourself and for your family what it is you believe about the upcoming change. There will definately be some form of a problem. How large of a problem remains to be seen. Plan accordingly to what you read, what you hear, and what you believe. If you believe in God then I'd definately suggest that you pray and seek his will and ask him what he'd have you to do. You can see in the Bible how God always forwarned his people before the impending danger and disaster struck.

Once you've decided your stand on the entire Y2K situation, get moving. Go through the links I've put below. Search out the information you need. Get moving on getting food stored and getting yourself ready to be prepared for living off of the national power grid. Remember it will be the middle of the winter when this situations comes. You can find local groups that are planning in your area. You can talk with local pastors to find out their take on the situation and if they know of individuals or groups preparing.

Book mark this page and come back. I will be updating the links, as well as placing a link to my wife's web page. She will be creating one to show more the practical side of how to live through what ever level of crisis is coming.

Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Just Kidding.... I just thought the graphics were awsome! But seriously be prepared!

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