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Ratolution Motersports 2003

Ratolution Motersports NHRA top alcohol dragster is currently taking the 2002 year off. This stems from many reasons including financing, logistics of current team members, and new jobs for both my self and crew chief Stan Stripe. The team has full intent in returning to action in 2003. The team is looking to be competitive and winning its first race. The performace of the team has increased dramaticley and was showing high 5.40's performance at the last race it attended. During the off season and the year off the team is focusing on improving equipment and performance in all areas of the racing operation.

You will find listed below a tenitive schedule for 2003. This schedule is based on the current schedule available and will be updated as soon as NHRA releases an official schedule. However basically the team is looking to be ready for the early season races in 2003.

2003 Tenitive Schedule