Dana's Pictures

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Hope you enjoy the pictures

My friends John, Ahad, Justin, Alex, and myself at Justin's wedding reception

The three Amegos Bill, Mike, and myself

Cruse to Cozumel Mexico & Key West

Tanning on the beach

Think this engine will fit in my VW beetle?

Ben and I at the controls of a Boeing 747, better buckel up!

Dana, Cindy, Rana, and Tim all enjoying a (free) cold one at Bush Gardens

My Crazy friends Lisa, Natalie, Gwyn, and Carla

Tim, Rana and Dana at epcot

It is me in the drivers seat

Dana, Andy Poffenbarger, and Charles Matlock, all set to go out on the town!

Picture of my fraternity Zeta Beta Tau at Monmouth

Me after a race

Finally graduation day

High School Friends and Family come to my Graduation

My grandparents come to celebrate my graduation from Monmouth

My Zeta Beta Tau "big bro" Jim Greco, Dana, and Sarah

My family takes time for a picture, we actully look good in this one

Tim Daugherty and my Sister Rana at Disney World in Florida

Zeta Beta Tau bro's "the casual look i guess" (I am red ZBT shirt)

Zeta Beta Tau bro's "the clean cut" (I am lower left)