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Hey bud after you talked to me last night, here is what I suggest (and everyone has their own opinion).For ease I got all the prices from one site, I know you work at circuit city and there is a horde of other on line sites.However, you told me all you wanted was a list.You might still find, that even with your circuit city discount its cheaper to buy off the web.Of course if you have a defective part there is a little more hassle, itís a give and take.


Another site that I really like, but itís harder to look things up on quick is


Newegg usually has better shipping rates than compuplus, but itís a toss to determine who is cheaper, up until you actually enter all the components and see what the shipping rates are.


Intel System


  1. CPU, Retail boxed Intel Pentium 2.6MHz with 800 MHz font side bus$219.00

a.  Retail means it has a longer warranty and it includes a heat sink and fan, you might also find ďOEMĒ versions.That means it only has a 30 day warranty and no heat sink and fan.

b. 800 MHz FSB only works with canterwood, and springdale chipsets


  1. Motherboard, Abit IC7 with Canterwood/875P chipset, 800 MHz front side bus $135.00
    2. Sound card, firewire included




  1. Video Card, PNY Geforce FX 5600 AGP $189.95
    1. You picked this card, however after looking over these reviews, it might reconsider the Geforce 4 TI4200 ($145), same performance for a lower price, according to these reviews.
    4. Also, a look over the Geforce 4 TI4600 (with 8X AGP), itís an older card but by looking at the bench marks might be a good buy if you can find one.


  1. Ram, Crucial PC3200 DDR 512 Mb (2x512Mb=1Gb) $93.99x2= $187.98
    1. Need two for dual channel DDR
    2. Crucial web site has Free 2ed day air delivery
    4. PC3200 means it runs at 400Mhz, as you will see stated at various other sites, it is currently the fastest DDR memory
    5. The memory I had listed prior was PC2700 means it runs at 333Mhz, just a little slower, so it was cheaper ($72.99 per)



  1. Case, Antec Performance Plus 660 mid tower with 330W power supply $97.00
    1. I selected a mid-tower for future expandability, but if you want full tower (as seen below) its just a few bucks more ($117).



  1. CD-Rom, Aopen 56X $17
    1. An old relic, but needed for copying CDís and fast EQ installations


  1. CD-Burner, Plextor CD-RW/R 48x, 24x, 48x$79.00
    1. A very good CD burner, fast and reliable



  1. Floppy drive, 1.44 Mb Mitsumi$5.95
    1. Another old relic, but still needed


  1. Network Card, Netgear FA411 10/100 $16.00
    1. Assuming you are on broadband, substitute a good 3-Com modem if you are still on dial up


  1. Hard Drive, Maxtor 80 Gig SATA hard drive $119.00
    1. New serial interface, not much of a performance gain at the moment (over ATA133 drives), but will free up an IDE channel, and allows for more future upgrades when the drives are faster.



  1. OS, Microsoft XP Pro OEM $124
    1. Optional, good price for Pro version if you do not already have windows 2k or XP.
    2. Also, throw that win 98 CD you are currently using into the trash and never look back!




Total 1190.78 + shipping of course, right around your target budget of $1200


Places to save a few bucks

a.       Slower CPU, say a 2.4 GHz ($182.00), just make sure its with the 800 MHz FSB

b.      Use your win 98, but that would be a crime! Win 98 does not manage memory over 512Mb very efficiently.

c.       Different Video card, Geforce 4 TI4200/TI4600

d.      Omit CD burner, or get a less expensive one like the Aopen CRW5224 ($37.00). I have made enough CD coasters to justify the extra cost of the Plextor though, but there are less expensive ones out there.

e.       Your motherboard supports all DDR memory module speeds (266/333/400Mhz). When you go to crucial web site and enter the motherboard model it will display these 3 types, of course in general the slower the speed the cheaper.††