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Dining room.

Dining room.

The President's cabin.

The President's bunk.

Engine room.

Waiting to get underway.

Jack Yoes (EM3 61-63) and Joe Richardson (RD2 68-71) catch some rays.

Bill Warner (FTG2 67-70) and Don Snider (STCS 68-70) with the Potomac's skipper.

Charles Gray (BT3 67-71) testing his "ladder" legs.

Loren Lew (IC2 62-64).

Ben Maguire (LTjg 69-71) and Radney Fisher (LTjg 68-70) on the hunt for officers' country.

Approaching San Francisco.

Lee Aldridge (RD3 68-70) mans the helm.

Kathy Young and Pres Spalding (DCG3 52-53) enjoy the scenic view.