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Gregg Smoyer (MM2 68-71) with Potomoc crewmember Deborah Steinbock.

Jean and Lee Aldridge ( RD3 68-70).

Approaching the USS Hornet, Alemeda Point.

Steve (FTGSN 65-67) and Barbara Smith.

Pam and Joseph Rank (LTjg 69-71).

Paul McVeigh (BT3 50-53) and son Scott.

Passing under the Oakland Bay Bridge.

San Francisco skyline.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge.


Ben Maguire (LTjg 69-71) re-acquiring his sea legs.

AT&T Park. Home of the San Francisco Giants. San Diego Padres 4 - Giants 2.

Barbara Smith, Skip Eltringham (Potomac skipper) and Steve Smith (FTGSN 65-67)

Kent Vogel (IC3 61-63)

Maurice (BT3 51-54) and G. G. Perry.