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First time attendees, Karen and Frank Blaise (LTjg 54-55) and daughter Kathy Young.

Ben (MM2 51-54) and Bev Peterson.

Roy Hasenjaeger (RD2 50-53) and Karen Kuhn.

Jim (SO2 51-54) and Sharon Joyner.

Linda Haggbloom and Bruce Lovell (FTG3 53-56).

Gregg Smoyer (MM2 68-71), Association website Webmaster.

Jim Boggs (HM1 70-71)

Paul McVeigh (BT3 50-53) and son Scott.

Lois and Ed Vackar (FCSN 51-54).

Janet Jenkins and Don Thompson (LTjg 69-70), Association President.

Don VanDyke and Terri Shanks.

Elaine Brockhouse.

Wife of one of the founders of the Association, Richard Brockhouse (XO 50-52), she has attended every reunion. She is the only person to have done so.

Donna and Dave Wertz (EN3 52-54).

Barbara Smith, Janette Baugh and Steve Smith (FTGSN 65-67).

Barbara and Jim Lashbrook (SO2 54-56).