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In Memory Of Beloved

Captain Robert A. Schelling












May 23, 1917 - February 14, 2003


Captain Schelling graduated with the U.S. Naval Academy class of 1938. His first assignment was aboard the battleship USS Idaho BB-42. He married his life-long first mate, MaryAnne, in July 1940. Captian Schelling held several command assignments during his naval career with his expressed favorite being Commanding Officer of the USS Lyman K. Swenson DD729 and crew from 1949 to 1951. Many of the Association ship mates under his command were 18 and 19 year olds and regarded him, at that time, as "The Old Man", who himself was only in his mid 30's. Captain Schelling thankfully guided the Swenson skillfully through several Korean War battles, one of which was the Inchon Invasion earning the nickname "Sitting Duck" for the ship for being anchored in close proximity of the enemy gun implacements during the invasion.

Captain Schelling retired from the US Navy in 1968, then, after serving three years at the Pentagon "repaying the U.S. Government" for his Naval career, he and MaryAnne settled in Seattle, WA where for a time he aided in oceanography research at the university.

In 1988, seventeen years after the USS Lyman K. Swenson was decommissioned, Captain Schelling's long time dream, and that of three of his Swenson ship mates, Richard Brockhouse (LTCMDR, XO 50-52), Robert Davis (LTjg 50-51) and Edward Muldoon (LTjg 51-52), was realized in the first DD729 reunion in Newport Beach, CA. At each of the subsequent annual reunions, Captain Schelling was a primary stimulant in the continuing success of the DD729 Sailors Association.

The passing of "Captain Bob" will leave a tremendous void at future Association reunions, but his memory will have a lasting, heartfelt impression on all who knew him

..... a final salute to Captain Schelling.

       Day is done
          Gone the sun
                From the lakes
                   From the hills
                      From the sky.
                         All is well,
                            Safety rest.
                               God is nigh

                                  Fading light
                                     Dims the sight
                                        And a star
                                           Gems the sky,
                                              Gleaming bright
                                                 From afar,
                                                    Drawing nigh,
                                                       Falls the night.

                                                          Thanks and praise,
                                                             For our days,
                                                                'Neath the sun,
                                                                   'Neath the stars,
                                                                      'Neath the sky,
                                                                         As we go,
                                                                            This we know,
                                                                               God is nigh.