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Beatles Wavs

Sorry if some of these don't work, I'll get to them as soon as I can.

A Hard Day's Night

"You ugly grey brute."

"I can tell he doesn't like me..."

"Oh, by all means..."

"Give us a kiss."

"It's dead grotty."

"Hey, who's that little old man?..."

"Books are good."

"It's my concidered opinion..."

"Have you got a nail file?..."



"Ah, why don't you chop it off Ringo?"

"Just...hold this drumstick."

"Hello. Oh Hello..."

"Jeweler, you're gettin' nowhere are you jeweler."

"Red? They have to paint me red..."

"Dare I say it... Rule the world."

"My skin's soaked dry right through to the skin"

"They all look the same..."

"Hey it's a thingy..."

Yellow Submarine

"It's an ugly bootbeast!"

"Push the button"

"I've got a hole in me pocket..."