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Peter Pan Promoter

Peter Pan Goes On The Air

Sky King

Oct. 1946

"Sky King" to start October
28th. on Largest Network

Monday, October 28th. marks the beginning of Peter Pan's new radio show "SKY KING" to be broadcast over 200 stations of the American Broadcasting Company network. The show, especially created for Peter Pan by Needham, Louis & Brorby, Derby's advertising agency, will be heard at 5:15 to 5:30 p.m. -- five days a week -- in all time zones. It will follow "Terry and the Pirates" and precede "Jack Armstrong" in most cities.

"Sky King's" coverage will virtually blanket the country, reaching 28,851,000 radio homes. The child audience has been cultivated by the American Broadcasting for years, assuring a good listing audience.

The story of "Sky King" will involve the adventures of "Sky" (Schuyler) King and his twin niece and nephew, "Penny" and "Clipper" King. "SKY" a former F.B.I. agent, returns to his "Flying Crown" ranch in the Southern Rockies from the Navy for a rest. He returnes to anything but a rest as the International criminal, Dr. Shade, has appropriated the sinister Black Castle a few miles from "Sky's" ranch to hatch exvil plots.

The locale, characters and plot have been the object of intense study for many months. High adventure, mystery, airplanes, wild west, and foreign lands will be involved to assure children's interest.

Thus PETER PAN will enter 1947 with the largest advertising appropriation in history and invade the child radio market alongside such advertisers as Quaker Oats, General Mills, War Baking Company, ect.

Supplementing the radio showe PETER PAN's advertising schedule will include Metropolitian Comics, American Weekly, Metropolitian, Roto Gravure, Parade, Women's Day, and Family Circle.

Full color advertisements featuring PETER PAN's appetite appeal in important space will reach virtually every market in the country. Black and White newspaper space will supplement the color advertising as in former years.