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Sony SRF-A100 X-Band Tweak

Sony SRF-A100 X-Band Tweak

Tweak the tuning capacitor to get the X-band

Re-tune Sony SRF A100 AM Stereo radio for X-band coverage:

1. remove back

2. find 4 screws on back of tuning cap - visible through holes in circuit board - top center region. They are in a 'diamond' orientation

   radio top

     1   4

Hope I've numbered these right - you'll figure it out if I didn't.

AM tune: Screw-1. Tune radio to top of dial. Tune 1700 on another radio at night. If 1700 isn't coming in well, wait for a better night. Tweak screw-1 till you get 1700.

AM optimize (tracking): Screw-2. Tune radio to around 1400, or other region you want to optimize. I optimize my cheap portables on 1550 to hear CBE.

FM tune: Screw-3. After AM is adjusted, 108 will have moved off the top of the dial. Use this screw to bring it back.

FM optimize: Screw-4. Adjust for best combination of reception/ adjacent rejection/ overload rejection. Tune up and down the dial, checking adjustment at various points.

I think this causes a slight drop in sensitivity at lower end of AM band, but that's what a Select-A-Tenna is for. ;-) This procedure may work for other radios, but try it at your own risk. Mark screw positions before you start, and count turns so you can get back to where you started.

Larry Russell .... in Flushing, Michigan