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2010 Record Out Fault

2010 Record Out Fault - Timer Mode Only!

Rec Out Audio Fault

In the Programmable Timer mode, the 2010 puts 3v DC on the rec out audio. This is due to some creative wiring, and gives some tape recorders distorted audio. The solution is to put a capacitor ( .1 uF ) in series with the +audio wire to the tape recorder. At least one recorder also required a 10K resistor across the input to provide a charge path for this capacitor. All of this can easily be built into a patch cord:

       +   o-------------| |------------------------o   +
                         .1 uF   |
Rec Out                          x 10 K              Tape Mic In

Label Ends of patch cord after you build it. + = center pin

Larry Russell .... in Flushing, Michigan