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2010 MW Mod

2010 MW mod - Bypass High Pass Filter for External Antenna

2010 MW mod: HPF bypass

For those of you with a direct-connect MW loop antenna, especially the unamplified type, and who don't mind experimenting:

Disable the external antenna High-Pass Filter by detaching L305 on the jack board. It looks like a lime-green quarter-watt resistor, and is clearly labeled. Carefully apply de-soldering braid to its trace-end with the least amount of components nearby. The lead is bent flat, so you may have to coax it up while it's heated. Once the lead is free, you can bend it straight, and carefully pull it through the circuit board. Bend it slightly to the side, so it won't fall back through the hole. Leaving the other end in place allows you to easily reverse this modification, if needed.

Results: My IRCA spiral loop antenna is now quite useful when plugged into the 2010. It doesn't have as much gain as inductively coupling the loop to the 2010, but the signal/static ratio is improved. Reception up to around 3 MHZ is improved with the 20' wire.

If you live near strong broadcast stations, or use long outdoor antennas with the 2010, you may want to keep the High-Pass Filter.

Larry Russell .... in Flushing, Michigan