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Enhancement Utilities

These are not necessarily must have files, but I'm sure you will want at least one of these utilities
I will be adding more utilities to this page soon, but here's what i have.... for now

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GPS98 (size: 1805Kb) allows you to add a GPS gauge with programable waypoints. Some of the features, like saving and importing routes, are not available until you license the product, (shareware), by David Drouin.
Nav 1.9 (1100Kb) Composes printable flight plans and maps (Ted Wright original) by Larry G. Fortna
This program reads the scenery files and shows all of the NDBs, VORs, airports, markers, ATIS, and ILS! It will link with MSFS98 to show your position on it's map, plus much more!
Descent Calculator (size: 9Kb) This program is for those of us who hate mathmatics. By Adam Batkin
Handy Sheet 2.0 (size: 50K) A handy sheet that has checklists, a morse code table, conversions, and more by Wagner B. Beskow.
Handy Sheet 3.0 (size: 212Kb) A very useful one-page guide for ALL your simulated flights, (word97 format). (major improvement from version 2.0) By wagner B. Beskow
Virtual Co-Pilot (size: 76Kb) Version 3.42---Cool program for adding more realism to a standard flight. Your co-pilot calls out checklists, flaps, distance from ground and more. By George Dorkofikis

Also required are 184Kb) and 1,234Kb)

Landing Lights (72k) FS98 Landing Lights Addon Tool. Program to add landing lights to converted planes. by Siggy Schwarz

Fuel Calculator V1.1 (size: 58Kb) This is the much anticipated new version of Fuel Calculator, now with over 120 aircraft to choose from! By Bryan Samis

VATSIM -Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network...Awesome innovation in online simulation. With the programs on the sites below, (and on the VATSIM site), a pilot and/or virtual air traffic controller can simulate either role on this network.

Squawk Box Home Page for tutorials, FAQ, links to other SB and PC related sites.

Pro Controller Home Page for tutorials, FAQ, links to other SB and PC related sites.

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