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In this section you will find updates and info pertaining to my website

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September 12, 2005-- I finally found another server that has taken up where the other one left off. They DON'T have the entire database though. The last server had every FS file that was ever made available to the public. From like 1997 to current files. This server is missing some of the best files created for FS98...(not to mention the necessary conversion files) I won't be able to bring my site back up to date, but at least there's something out there that might have an old file you've been looking for.

October 21, 2002--A lot's happened since the last update. The IFSA totally died, so I have to go and try to find all the aircraft which were originally linked to the IFSA and replace them. I'm sure you've all noticed the broken links to nearly everything. I couldn't access my site since the lycos/angelfire merger. I got a new job and found myself with hardly any free time. A group of NWVA upper management, including myself, resigned and formed another Virtual Airline...Virtual Northwest Airlines, which I haven't had the time to be a part of. Not to mention computer problems. WHEW!

Well, I've been working when I can on getting the site back up to par...thanks for the compliments and other cool things you've all said about my site...always appreciated. Everything should be working now, so have fun!

January 11, 2001-- Apparently, the largest flight sim file related server ever, IFSA (Internet Flight Sim Archive), closed down on December 31, 2000. Anyway, the links to all the files that were on this server, (which ended up being 80% of the files I link to on my site), are no longer valid. Fortunately, Eldon Radda, from, donated the server space to keep the IFSA available to the public. This is no small database of uploaded flight sim resources either, we're talking about more than 20,000 files and over 4 Gigs of required space!

Well, to get to the point, today I had to go through my entire site and change all the improper links to reflect their locations on the new server at compuflight. It didn't take that long, (since I only post aircraft and files that I've actually used myself), so if there are still any broken links, please let me know. (I have to rush to get anything done anymore)

June 10, 2000-- I found another quality aircraft that I posted today...the Hawker Siddley HS125 for FS98 by FSD. It's a great little corporate jet with moving parts, sounds and panel. It's got an AVSIM Online paint job, however, I've provided a file to change it into a VFSP, (Vince's Flight Sim Page) paint scheme.

December 16, 1999-- Guess what...I got another promotion with NWVA. Fortunately, this position doesn't require as much of my time as the DTW Hub Manager position did. If I knew then what I know now, I definitely wouldn't have planned on updating this website for a while! (That HM position required almost all of my attention.) There's a lot less work involved now that I'm the Eastern Regional Manager, so now I can resume the search for the best files on the net.

Today was a headache, since I had to fix a series of broken links. I added an aircraft, but had to remove several. The one I added is a newer version of the Cessna 337 Skymaster. I also added the link to the author recommended panel for the 337.

October 15, 1999-- Good news! I'm just finishing the training for the Hub Manager postion that I got promoted to within Northwest Virtual Airlines. I've been putting off the update that I've been planning until I finally finished this training.

So here's what I've done so far. I updated a few links here and there. I also added a Saab 340 that's been around for a while now. It's one of the nicer aircraft that I've been meaning to add, but haven't. It's on the forth page of the aircraft section, near the end.

October 7, 1999-- I've been needing to update my site since August, but you know how it is when it's summer time. I would have done it a month ago, unfortunately, my computer decided it wanted a little summer vaction at the very end of August. (I had it in the repair shop) It's been over a month since that happened. It's the third day since my PC came back from the shop, and I'm almost finished putting everything back the way it was. My next mission is to update this site as soon as possible. In the next few days I'll be finding some excellent, new, files for ya, so keep checkin' back!

May 30, 1999-- Well, It's definitly been a while since I've added anything significant the website, but here's what we have. The Piper Seneca V is one of the best aircraft that I've ever seen for FS98. I can't believe that I haven't put this aircraft on my site yet. In addition to the airplane, I added a new link to The Scenery Hall of Fame and to the Black Box FS Test Facility.

February 26, 1999-- I'm adding some planes to the last page of the aircraft section today. So far, I've added a Cessna 337 Skymaster, with panel. I also added a Cessna Citation II.

February 22, 1999-- I added the new Squawk Box v2.1.2 link today. I forgot to add it when it came out, (oops).

January 23, 1999-- Apparently, the B-17 that I added January 2nd, is not functional and has been removed.

January 3, 1999-- Today I found and added a site that totally amazed me. This is the first site that I have seen that has STARs, SIDs, and IAPs....for free! The link can be found at on my main page near the bottom. The name of the site is Clearance Unlimited.

January 2, 1999-- I can't believe it has been a month since the last update! NWVA et al has me pretty busy. I added a B-17 today, which can be found on page 4 in the aircraft section. A link to my Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator Page has been added to the main page. I also made some slight changes to the pages here and there.

December 2, 1998-- Only had time to add one aircraft for now. It is on the second aircraft page, I believe I added the SH-3 Sea King Helicopter. F.Y.I., I am getting ready to finish my first week as the DTW hub's Crew Chief #3 at NorthWest Virtual Airlines. So while I'm getting used to doing that, I'll have less time to update these pages. However, I'm always on the lookout for nice MSFS files!

December 1, 1998-- I had to remove the McDonnel Douglas RF-4C today due to a bad link. I also added a new flight sim web site link, (VFAA), at the bottom of my main index page.

November 21, 1998-- I know there hasn't been a lot of action lately on my web-page. I have been busy learning how to design my own aircraft for FS98. Not to mention the fact that I have been working 3 days a week with the thrash band i'm in. Then there's the virtual airline that I fly for. There are some managment positions open that I have been wondering about. So, today, after plenty of thought, I decided to apply for the Crew Chief position within the KDTW hub for NorthWest Virtual Airlines. I must admit, the job sounds quite interesting. If you have read this far, then I might as well mention the fact that Swqawk Box 2.0 has been updated. You will find the link on the Enhancement Utilities page. Oh yeah, my site was visited 297 times in October...getting better.

October 13, 1998-- Just one aircraft added today. You will find the McDonnel Douglas RF-4C Phantom II on the second page of my Aircraft section.

October 9, 1998-- Today I added a link from the panels page to Michel Polski's web page. He has a nice site with a collection of all his FS98 and 95 panels. The Enhanced Utilities page has been updated with Handy Sheet 3.0, and a Fuel Calculator. The first Aircraft page recieved a Lancair IV-P kitplane. On the 3rd Aircraft page I added an Airbus 340-300 Virgin Atlantic, and the North American P-51.

October 1, 1998-- During the month of August this site was visited 118 times. That means it was visited on an average of 4 times a day. I don't think it did so bad for the first month of operation. During the month of September this site was visited 225 times, so the amount of visits almost doubled!

September 27, 1998-- I removed some bad links today, so all of the downloads should be working.

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