Visit Miss Sophie's Weezily Wares for all your weezily needs!

Motor City Ferrets maintains a supply shop at the Shelter.  We carry many new, specialty handmade, and even a few previously loved items - to make sure we can equip our ferret friend's needs within any budget.  Toys, treats, supplements, cool stuff for the hooman beans, and of course everything you need to set up your ferret's cage.  100% of the proceeds from our Shoppe are used for vet care for our shelter critters.

Motor City Ferrets doesn't have business hours, but we do have Open House events most Sunday afternoons.  Visit our Events Calendar for the dates and times.  You are more than welcome to stop by during an Open House to shop!

We do have an Etsy shop, where we sell certain items that we not only stock, but are set to mail to our further away friends.  Visit our Motor City Ferrets Etsy Shop to find our famous crinkle tubes, fab fleece toys made here at our Shelter, bedding made by our favorite hammie maker Auntie Paula, and other fun ferrety things!



Carriers & Travelers:  Standard ferret size, cat/multi ferret size...and then from time to time we have even larger sizes!  :)  Hard plastic with metal mesh door (typical "carrier"), or pick up a "traveler cage" as shown.  Traveler cages are those that are large enough for a hammie, littler box, food dish and water bottle, in other words a complete home, just small enough so you can easily move it from place to place when you and your critters are on the move!  :) 

Carriers are $5 - $15 and travel cages are $10-$30 




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