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All My Friends!

This is a page just for my friends. I want to say a few hello's to all my friends.......

To all my friends!

Mark Emmons A great guy that I will love for evermore!. We've had some fun times together keep God in your heart, and thanks for showing Him to me!
Andy BlackWhat a guy. Another one that has touched my heart. I'll love you to the end. Even when we disagree we find a way to agree. Thanks for everything you've given me good or bad!! .
Sarah Barton, She is a great friend that I've had some good times with.. At peer camp and Theta Rho. Reach high Sarah!! OH yeah. Dan's a keeper! !
Bonnie Boring: She is a great person and I'll always remember those times at camp and those of Theta Rho.
Dawn Lakatos, She is a kind person who is always working to better her self. Keep striving to be the best you!
Dan yeppers.. you have earned your own shout. Look at that. heheh. Thanks for all the great chats we've had and all the help you have tryed to give me.
Brandi, wow where do i start it was just a few months ago you were just a name on a piece of paper and now we are the greatest of friends. In the past few months we have gone through hell together and we have had lots of fun. Your great.. thanks
Kim You to have bee with me these past few months.. and are great at listening. Thanks.. keep those men off your sheets!

Sara silly girl!! I reall miss you when i'm not at school. You're a fun girl who has great taste in men.. hehe
Terri The greatestes RA ever.. hehe. Thanks for the christmas gifst and thanks for your friendship and advice!!
Bridget this girl has one hot boyfriend.. hehe.. and she knows it. Thanks bridget for the new friendship we have started.. and thanks for the laughs.
Mrs. Chambers: A great teacher and a wonderful pen pal! She writes me all the time. Its good to hear a cheerful word once and a while. I'll always remember those great 6 years in her class room. Thanks for listeing, when my life gets rocky.. your there to listen. thanks.. oh yeah.. thanks for teaching me so well in high school..
Ms. Younglove: She always seemed to make time to say hi and give a smile. What a great person to keep stats for.
KIM B: You are a great person with a very kind heart!! THANKS KIM! for teaching me stuff to help others.. I know it comes in handy.!! I'll miss you, never forget me. And thanks for giving me that great award.. I love ya! Thanks guys, at sometime or nother you all touched my life! If I have forgoten anyone let me know. I am sorry that I left you out.

To all my friends on my UN Trip....

Felicity Alexander, Josh Allen, Heather Allen, Jen Ashworth, Nic Bayley,Theresa Betts, Marie Claire Brisbois, Mike Brown, Casey Bull-Rutigliano, Stephani Cook, Amanda Coon, Jason Dhanota,Jeff Doner, Melissa Greig, John Gustafson, K.C. Jablonski, Becky Jackson, Eric Linquest, Mike McDonald, Amy Metcalfe, Leslie Nasmith, Julie Noble, Elisa Palmer,Christy Parsch, Geoff Petis, Julian Roberts, Manda Roddick, Jess Schrader, Lara Sifton, Thane Simpson, Shannon Starkweather, Jenn Van Dalen, Jeff Webb, Steve Goodwin, Charlie Benson, Barb Cambell.

To all my friends on the net...(icq friends)

Thanks for chatting with me!!!

Last but not least my best net friend.. ECON! J.R. thanks man.. you are a great friend.. you keep me all together.. I am thankful for that! I wish we could talk more. But I know living across the united states doesn't make things any better.. I love you!