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All About Me!

Well lets see.. I attended Sand Creek High School. I am 19. I like yo play basketball and softball.. I played both in high school. I enjoy coumputers. I am be attending Baker College pursueing a degree in coumputer networking..

I like being around my friends. One thing that most people don't know is I like to golf. I am not good at it but I like it.

I was quit active in school.. I was in the Nation Honor Society. I was a PEER LISTENER and PEER Mediator !!! I was also in SaDD.. I was the treasurer of my class and the treasurer of student gov't. but its not like that matters any now.

I have a 1988 Red Ford Mustang. It gets me around. I just had a new motor put in it.. But it doesn't go only when it wants to.. and it hates leaving owosso it does anything it can to stay there. even break down 6 miles from school. I had a 1988 Chrylser Labarron. I had it till I crashed it on June 4 1998. It was an experience that I will never forget.

I have two dogs. One is Sparky and the other is Charley. We have a cat named Henery a bird and use to have fish.. but think the met the white God.

My family consist of my Mom my Dad and my sister Amanda and I. We live in an old school house which we remodled inside. Its coming along slowly but my room is almost done.!

I think that is about it on me. If you know me and there is something I should add let me know.

My Senior pics

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