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This is the 1998 TCC Champs right here baby!!! We had a 20-3 record. I believe. The girls on the team were. Capt. first: Rita Waltz 10, Jamie Gillenwater 12, Tif Lane 50, Juniors: Kyra Waltz 42, Kristen Keck 20, Cate Rosaler 24, Laura Hess 32, Robin Rutledge 30, Jenny Paswon 44, Jamie Richards 14,Glenda Fenton 54(thats me), And 10th graders: Karen Pickard 22, Keli Shadwald 34! And last but not least our coach Mr. Fox! We were a great team. We all got along fine. Here are pics of us!! We look good don't we.

JV pics!!