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All About My Grandpa

This page I'd like to dedicate to my grandpa. My grandpa was a very dear man to me. We spent a lot of time together and I have very special memories.

My granpa, Robert, was born June 28,1919 in Grand Rapids, Mi. He was the yougest of 5.

He was married March 19,1943 to Violet. They have 3 children together, Laraine, Terry and Alan.

They have a total of 3 grandsons, Scott (Dianna), Steven (Deanna), and Keith. They have 1 granddaughter, me, Lisa. They also have one great-granddaughter, Megan and a great-grandson, Justin.

My grandpa served his country in the United States Army and faught in World War 2.

After his time in the service he worked in a leather warehouse. In later years he became a partner in his own business, making replacement laces for mocasin shoes and basesball gloves.

His hobbies included watching birds, doing yard work, fishing, fish aquariums and listening to his records.

He had a dog, Hagar. He loved to take Hagar down to the river. Believe it or not, Hagar loved to climb trees!

The last few years of his life he suffered with Alzheimer's Disease. That was very hard on all of us, especially for my grandpa. He knew what he wanted to say, but he just couldn't get the words out. My family and I attended many meetings on how to handle the situation. We found many activites that my grandpa could get involved in. I will add some of the activites so if you know anyone with Alzheimer's Disease you can spend some quality time together.

My grandma was able to keep him home and take good care of him.

When he got sick and she was no longer able to take care of him he went to live at the Veteran's Home. While there he was given excellent care. He was able to enjoy some of the activites like his music in sing-a-longs and karaoke.My mom and I became volunteers there. My grandma spent ever day there by his side. In the nice weather, he enjoyed going out side and go on rides, he was in a wheelchair, throgh the beautiful grounds. You could see squirrels, many different kinds of birds, ducks, and geese. There was also a pond for fishing.

My grandpa passed away Feb.19,1997


Put bird feed out for birds

Sort playing cards by color

Have a friend or neighbor with a calm pet visit

Look up names in a phone book

Play Pictionary

Read out loud (Good old Days, P.O.Box 428, Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874-0428)

Cut pictures out of greeting cards

Take care of a fish tank

Bake cookies

Clip coupons

Rake leaves

Use the carpet sweeper

Ask a friend, neighbor, church aquaintance who has a baby or young child to visit

Look at family photographs

Some other things that might be helpful

Smile: your moods can affect them. They may not understand why you are upset.

Show and Tell: They may not understand what you are telling them to do so show what you would done.

Be Poetic: Listen carefully to what they are saying, analize their actual words so you can discover the meaning.

Go With The Flow: Go along with the patient's request, and then distract them back into the behavior you want

Organize & Antispate: Keep a regular schedule. They don't like change and it is very stressful for them

Learn: Go to meetings and support groups

My door is always open if you have any questions or comments. I know that it is difficult to know how to handle someone with with Alzheimer's Disease. If there is any way that I can help someone else through the hard time I'd like to do it. I am here for you. I have a friend who is in the middle stages.

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

1. Recent Memory loss that affects job skills

2. Diffuculty Performing Familiar Tasks

3. Problems with language

4. Disorientation of time and place

5. Poor or Decreased Judgment

6. Problems with abstract thinking

7. Misplacing Things

8. Changes in mood and behavior

9. Changes in personality

10. Loss of initiative

For information, or location of an Alzheimer's Association nearest you, call: 1 (800) 272-3900

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