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The Vector-Midgar Gates...

Be forewarned!!!

You are at the entrance to a big city... There are three ways to go... One takes you to another part of the city (Sub-City Midgar)... One takes you to a part of the city for those who have crappy browsers (No Frames)... And one takes you to a part of the city for people with updated versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer (Frames)... Choose your path!!!!

Yay!! After, like, a few years or so, I have updated!! And Sub-City Midgar is down. The page was deleted long ago, and someone else has the same address! And my email address changed long ago, so if you tried to email, sorry, but I didnt get it. And I dont know how much the site is going to be updated anymore... Im not sure. Now Final Fantasy 8 has been out for over a year and Fianl Fantasy 9 is coming out in November... 14th I think. Anyways, we'll just have to see.

Sub-City Midgar

No Frames


In case you were wondering, you are visitor number since whenever this darn thing reset itself last...