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Help on Gesthal's Banquet!

After you go back to Vector after letting the Espers go you will have a banquet with Emperor Ghesthal. Here is what you should do.

Each guard you talk to:1 pt (24 guards total)

Each guard you fight:4 pts (5 guards total)

Who to toast?

Empire:2 pts
Returners:1 pt
Hometowns:5 pts

About Kefka?

Jail him:5 pts
Let him go:1 pt
Execute him:3 pts

About Doma?

What's done is done:1 pt
That was inexhaustable:5 pts
Apoligize again:3 pts

About Celes?

Was she a spy?:1 pt
Celes is one of us:5 pts
We trust Celes:3 pts

Any Questions?:2 pts each

-10 pts if same question is asked twice!!!

About the Espers?

They've gone to far:5 pts
You unleashed their power:2 pts

Which question asked first? Note: These are the "Any Questions?" questions!!:5 pts if right.

Take a break?

yes:5 pts
no:0 pts

Note: If you take a break you can fight the guards next to Ghesthal!!

Anything you'd like him to say?

All he wants is peace:3 pts
The was is over:5 pts
He's sorry:1 pt

Do him a favor?

Say yes first time:3 pts

What do you get?

0-49 pts:Imperial troops withdraw from South Figaro.
50-66 pts:Imperial troops withdraw from Doma (poison :^( stays.)
67-76 pts:The treasure room in the Imperial Base will be unlocked.
77-89 pts:Get a Tintinabar.
90-93 pts:Get a Charm Bangle.

Note: You also get all the things before the one you get.

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