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Email the National Archives from this Page

below is the email form you will receive from the archives when you send the email request.
They will send you the forms and instructions by snail mail, so don't forget to put your address in the body of the email. Easy!!And there is no charge unless they find what you are looking for.
A great example of our tax dollars at work!!!
All the easy instructions are right here. Just click the email and send for what you want.

(be sure to put the word "forms" in the subject line to please the robot.)
I have emailed for forms from here and got them back within three days. Love it
Subject: FORMS
NNU Public Reference Inquire

the instructions are below

Welcome to the National Archives e-mail reference and information service:

This message is automatically generated whenever the word "form" or "forms" is detected in the text of a message because we've found that it is most frequently used to obtain genealogical information. If your request is for genealogical information, certain kinds of genealogical requests must be submitted on specific forms. (AHA!) The numbers and subjects of these forms is as follows:
Form 80 (Military service and pension records prior to World War I, including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and Spanish-American War);
Form 81 (Passenger Arrivals)
Form 82 (Copies of Census Records)
Form 83 (Eastern Cherokee Applications)
Form 180 (Military service records, World War I and later).

If you have not already done so, please indicate the FORM NUMBER, the QUANTITY needed, and YOUR POSTAL MAILING ADDRESS. Requests for really large numbers of forms for institutional use may have to filled by another office (we'll take care of it!), but in general our goal is to mail the forms and related leaflets within 3 working days.

If your inquiry concerns a different subject or requires a more substantive reply, it will be evaluated by an archivist (a real person, honest!) and either answered directly, or referred to the proper reference or other office. As with any new system, bugs may emerge. Please send your comments, complaints, or praise about "inquire" to: .