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Goats in Thailand are divided into three categories: (1) dual-purpose goats being raised by Pakistani people for meat and milk production, (2) small-sized meat goats called "Kambing Katjang" (Malaysian language) raised by Moslem people in the southernmost area of Thailand, (3) hill goats being kept for meat purpose by  hilltribe people in mountainous areas of Northern Thailand. Exotic breeds such as Saanen, Alpine and Algo Nubian  have been imported and mainly distributed among the Pakistani people to improve milk yield of their goats.
 Picture of native goat

Only few sheep are raised for meat purpose, most by Muslim people. The sheep are mainly of indigenous breeds, which are of Indian and/or Arabian origin.  Six or seven Dorset rams were imported from U.S.A. by the Baptist Mission and introduced to Karen villages long time ago, along with the indigenous sheep. Through His Majesty's project, German Merino sheep were imported and donated to 17 hilltribe villages in 1970.  In 1975, six Polwarth rams from Australia were also introduced to improve wool quality and body size in these hilltribe flocks.
 Picture of native sheep