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Thai Native Chicken

There are three kinds of indigenous fowls, namely Kai Oo or fighting cocks, Kai Jae, and Kai Tapao.  At present, only Kai Oo and Kai Jae that still are abundant. Kai Tapao is probably now extinct.  About half of the indigenous fowls are classified as the game type. They posses red earlobes, rose-and-pea combs, black and yellow shanks Their plumage color varied from white to dark blue and from barred to non-barred

Kai Jae: (Kai=chicks, Jae=small) or socalled Kai Tung or Kai Tow, which is more prevalent in northern areas, is probably crossbred of  native and Jungle fowl. They are raising as decoy birds for catching other jungle fowl.  There are two kinds of jungle or wild chickens found in Thailand, namely the Burmese red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus spadiceus) and Tonkinese red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus gallus).
 Picture of male small chicken
 Picture of female small chicken

Kai Oo: Kai Oo or fighting cocks are more in numbers and widely spread in all areas than Kai-Jae. There are 2 lines of fighting cocks, central (bigger, 3 kg mature wt.) and northern fighting cocks (smaller, 2 kg mature wt.). Recently Burmese fighting cock have been widely introduced for crossbreeding with the Thai fighting cock in the northern areas, their crossbred is shown in the picture below.
 Picture of male fighting cock