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Ela Oszer & Sarah Dzodin

This is going to be the family site of Alex and Sarah Kowalsky Dzodin. Both came to Canada in the late 1920's. Alex and Sarah ended up in Windsor, Ontario Canada (before moving to Detroit). Alex's father was Lazer Dzodin, (fruit peddler and a good wine maker), and he was married to Devora Grunt Dzodin (made the best kreplach). Dvora's mother was also here and her name was Gitel Grunt. Alex had four sisters, Fanny, Rebecca, Ann, and Lillian. One brother, Louis. Sarah was here with her mother Michla, and brother's Zelic and Larry and one sister Freda. Everyone got married and the family grew into a large and wonderful family. Alex and Sarah took over Grunt's Market at 11844 Dexter Blvd. in about 1938. Alex made the best dill pickles and sold them for a nickle. Everything in that grocery store was great and left us with many fond memories.

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