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The Home Page of Dawn S. Workman

The stats, the juice, the lowdown. This is just a little about me, what I like to do, etc. I love to cook. These are some of my better recipes. I do some hungarian, french, italian, mexican, and of course, american cuisine. Check it out.
These are some of my favorite pages on the web. I guess I like a little bit of everything... I got a new job!! Take a look here to find out all about it.
I saved this space for the lights of my life, my children. I'm looking for my pot-o-gold, so for those who are interested, my resume is posted here.
This spot I am going to save for the one who will keep me warm at night. Do you know who you are? Would you please introduce yourself? I'm saving this spot for my next bright idea. My current one is getting my degree and that's keeping me pretty busy for now. I have also started dabbling in Linux, so here are some of my newest musings.

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