Hi! It's me, Dottie. Before I start talking about myself, I would first like to say 'Thanks So Much' to my Sister, Lynn. If it wasn't for her, this would not be here. She has done more then you can imagine to help me get this site going. LOVE YA, SIS!

I'm searching for RUDY & ADAM RAY. Their mother's maiden name is Denise Fitzpatrick. My family & I have been searching for several years but have been unsuccessful.My Brother, Rocky Ray (WILLIAM E. RAY JR. Born Feb.22,1956) died several years ago. Before his death, he searched in vain for the 2 boys he had fathered but, never been a father to, in hopes of the chance to ask forgiveness & to seek reconciliation. If you have any information or if any of these names sound familier to you please, contact me. THANK YOU!

Now about myself. Yes my name is Dottie, and by the site, I'm sure that you can tell that I Love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I have a dream of someday getting my picture taken with each one of them on either side of me. No, I have never been able to go to Disney Land, but I'm sure if that day ever does come true, I will just have a fit of excitment. I am a big, 34 year old kid.

I also Love animals. I have two small dogs, a small bird (Cockatiel), and one big bird (Unbrella Cockatoo) Some time in the near future, i will be adding therir photos to this site for all to enjoy. So keep watch for them.

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