Homo erectus

This page will examine the remains labeled "Homo erectus" and demonstrate that these are simply extinct apes and NOT ape-men.

Homo erectus - Evolutionists claim that Homo erectus was an ape-man that lived between 1.5 million and 500,000 years ago.

Many Creationists believe that Homo erectus was nothing more than a bipedal ape, which is now extinct. They do not think that man evolved from them, and I believe the evidence agrees. Homo erectus had nothing to do with human origins. I believe Homo erectus was a primate made to live with Adam in the Garden of Eden. H. erectus, habilis, and the Australopithecines have simply gone extinct.

Many evolutionist maintain that Homo erectus and Homo sapiens (us) had a common ancestor. Others believe erectus is that ancestor. I maintain that we are similiar due to a common designer (God the Creator). Read my page on Homology for more information

Two of the world’s best-known hominids are "Peking man" and "Java man". While they were both once classified as their own species, scientists now realize that they are almost identical. As a consequence, both "Peking man" and "Java man" are now classified as "Homo erectus".

Are Creationists familiar with Homo erectus fossils?

Jim Foley criticizes creationists for only mentioning a few of the fossils attributed to Homo erectus:

"The only Homo erectus fossils mentioned by many creationists (Huse 1983; Morris and Parker 1982; Taylor 1992) are the Java Man and Peking Man fossils (discussed in the following sections). Most creationists consider both apes, although Lubenow (1992) considers both human. There are even a few creationists who consider Java Man an ape and Peking Man a human, despite the fact that many books stress their very close similarity."

I also find it unfortunate that many creationists don't mention other Homo erectus fossils. There are many far more complete (and interesting)Homo erectus fossils than the Javanese remains.

Regarding Foley's comment that some creationists believe Java man is human, and Peking man is an ape, please see my alleged ape-man index and you will see that I believe both are primates, and give good evidence why Java man is not a human.

Misleading Reconstruction’s

Below are 2 pictures of what Evolutionists claim "Homo erectus" may have looked like.

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This picture shows a primate with some very human like features.
(picture source: )

Here again is another picture of what evolutionists claim Homo erectus may have looked like. The artist gave him very human like expressions in the face and eyes.
(picture source: )
Note the loss of body hair (no evidence for this)

These reconstruction’s are not based on the fossil evidence, but on preconceived ideas that Homo erectus was an ape-man.

These pictures are misleading. And they are being shown to your children in the public schools, and in the media.

The Fossils

Homo erectus is the name given to a group of fossils which will be examined individually below.

The Homo erectus child "KNM-WT 15000"

The Turkana boy Description
Evolutionists have long believed that humans evolved from Homo erectus. One of their ideas was that Homo erectus was shorter and more primitive than we are.

This was shown to be wrong when the Homo erectus child "KNM-WT 15000" was found. This child is believed to be 12 years old, and nearly 6 ft tall! (KNM-WT 15000 is also classified as Homo ergaster). This skeleton is examined in great detail in my Alleged Ape-man Index

Here is a picture from the book "Origins" by Richard Leakey. This picture shows another evolutionist’s interpretation of the fossils. This one shows a creature more human like, and with less hair than the ones before.

Which one is right? Or are none of them correct? Leakeys reconstruction is misleading. It would lead you to believe that Homo erectus is human (it is not).

Artists can make a fossil look like what ever they want it to. If they believe it was human, they can make it look human. If they believe it was a primate, they can make it look like a monkey.

A few words of caution do not base your faith in evolution on the artists reconstruction’s. They have been shown incorrect many times.

Homo ergaster

Though many place the Homo erectus child "KNM-WT 15000" in the Homo erectus family, there are some who classify it as Homo ergaster.

The remains of other Homo ergaster individuals will be discussed below.

Homo erectus did not evolve from Homo habilis

Evolutionists also claim that Homo erectus evolved from Homo habilis. But this is not true.

Homo erectus fossils have been found that are older than Homo habilis fossils. Therefore erectus could not have evolved from habilis, because erectus was already here ( I will elaborate later on whether or not 2 species can be ancestral to eachother, and still co-exist for a short time).

There is also a huge gap between the habilines and erectus.

For evidence that Homo erectus did not evolve from Homo habilis, please Click HERE

Humans did not evolve from either Homo erectus, or Homo ergaster. The fossil record indicates that Human (Homo sapiens) remains have been found that are older than both of these primates. This is well documented in the book "Bones of Contention" by Marvin Lubenow.

Other books that demonstrate that humans (H. sapiens) lived at the same time as Homo habilis and Homo erectus are below:

For example the skeleton found by Hans Reck ("Forbidden Archeology" pg 627-647 - email me if you would like a photocopy of this info)

A look at the fossils of Homo erectus

OH 9: "Chellean Man"

Homo erectus "OH 9, "Chellean Man",
OH 9 was discovered by Louis Leakey in 1960 at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania (Leakey 1961, Rightmire "The Evolution of Homo erectus" pg 59). Rightmire says that OH 9 can be placed in the upper part of Bed II, and "assigned an age of about 1.25 million years."(Rightmire pg 59).

OH 9 consists of a partial brain case "..including the supraorbital structures and the cranial base. The superior aspect and right side of the vault are missing, as is all of the facial skeleton below the broken nasal bones." (Rightmire pg 59)

Picture source pg 63 P. Rightmire
Cranial capacity of OH 9 is estimated at 1,067 ml*(* rate given by Holloway 1973, 1975, as quoted in Rightmire pg 59). "Computed tomograms show the basioccipital to be horizontal, while the foramen magnum and shallow posteriror cranial fossa are in a relatvely high position. These observations, along with estimates for basioccipital length, indicate that kyphosis or beding of the cranial axis is much less pronounced than in a modern skull"(Rightmire pg 67)

Read my page: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/dinosaurs/erectus_human.html for more info on the glenoid cavity of OH 9, which is evidence that Homo erectus was not human.

Read pg 69 of "The evolution of Homo erectus" by P. Rightmire for info on the positioning (angle) of the petrous temporal in OH 9 compared to H. sapiens.

OH 12: “Pinhead”

Homo erectus "OH 12", "Pinhead"

Image source pg 63 P. Rightmire
OH 12 was discovered by Margaret Cropper in 1962 at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. OH 12 is similar to but less complete than OH 9. OH 12 is also smaller.

OH 12 has an estimated brain size of only 700-800 cc* (* rate given by Holloway 1973, 1975, as quoted in Rightmire pg 79).

The age is estimated to be between 600,000 and 800,000 years old." (source=J. Foley)

This page is still under construction. More information will be added soon.

Has this page changed your mind about Homo erectus? If you have any questions on Creation, Evolution, or just want to say "Hi" please feel free to email me.

If you have any questions on Creation, Evolution, or just want to say "Hi" please feel free to email me.

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