ID: Tell me about the history of Defiled. [When did the band form? Were any of you in other bands prior to Defiled? How long have each of you been playing your instruments?]
Yusuke: Yusuke Sumita (Guitar) and Kouji Uchida (Drums) gathered in 1992 April in Tokyo to play brutal death metal. Right after that, Norihisa Fukuda (Bass) joined in. There were numerous member changes, and if you want to know the details, check our biography on our homepage which is And now the current members are Hideki Fujimoto (Vocal), Yusuke Sumita (Guitar), Norihisa Fukuda (Bass), and Naoki Akamatsu (Drums). We want to continue with these members if possible. The members of Defiled did not really play in any band worth mentioning here before, except the vocalist, Hideki. He was in a rather [well]-known thrash metal band in Tokyo called Barriada before he joined Defiled. And he also sang for a project band called Vanguard; a sort of a technical form of Watchtower. The individual musicians went through they typical way: started their own instruments in middle school, and formed a band in high school. I was forced to learn the electoric piano by my parents in primary school. I started to play the music voluntarily after I bought the guitar in the first year of middle school. The bassist went to a music school after graduating high school and he had a proper musical education. Hideki, the vocal also trained his vocalization in school. We are making benefit of all that.

ID: Where did your interest in metal form? Did you grow up listening to metal? Is there a strong metal culture/scene in Japan?
Yusuke: Well, not a lot to tell, but we have been making efforts. Metal is obviously not a trend, although some people are so devoted to it. We didn't only listen to metal. Listening to all sorts of music is likely; very important if you play Death metal, I think.


ID: Who are your influences?
Yusuke: I listened to thrash quite a lot before, in those days. I liked Devastation's "Sign of Life". I also liked the complexity and the weirdness of Nasty Savage. And I really like Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Gershwin and Bartok. Rush is awesome!! I liked those complicated and well worked-out rhythms. Simple is boring.

ID: What are some of your favorite bands?
Yusuke: That's difficult to answer cuz there are so many of them. I like what we are doing the best.
Well, very difficult but, I'll try...Slayer "Reign in Blood"; Metallica "Master of Puppets"; Megadeth "Peace Sells..."; Exodus "Bound by Blood"; Mace "Evil in Good"; Possessed "Beyond the Gates"; Kreator "Terrible Certainty"; Nasty Savage "Indulge"; Devastation "Sign of Life"; Death "Scream Bloody Gore"; Sacrifice "Forward to Termination"; Dark Angel "Leave Scars"; Deathrow "Deception Ignored"; Immolation "Dawn of Possession"; Incantation "Diabolical Conquest"; Vader "De Profundis"; Morbid Angel "Altar of Madness"; Deicide "Legion"; Monstrosity "Imperial Doom"; Gorguts "Erosion of Sanity"; Cannibal Corpse "Eaten Back To Life"; Atrocity "Hallucinations"; Sinister "Hate"; Vital Remains "Forever Underground"; etc.
Basically, black metal, melodic death metal, gothic, hard core, heavy groove mixtures are not our fave, though I know a few of them that are excellent. If you guys like Pantera, Biohazard, Machinehead and Korn...don't check us. (Laughs). I respect some old stuff.

ID: You have quite a few demos out, how do you distribute them? Are you signed with a record label? Do you do most of your own promotion?
Yusuke: As for demo tapes, [they] didn't spread so widely. It was released under a deal that Nightfall/Terrorizer borrows its license. We are totally excited. We want people to check it out.

ID: How would you describe Defiled's sound?
Yusuke: Um, perversion. Weird, twisted, crooked, strange sound. How's that? A lot of rhythm changes. And no mellow, boring guitar solos or keyboard.

Defiled - Erupted Wrath CD

ID: You have a new CD coming out called "Erupted Wrath"; how will this differ from previous Defiled releases and what can we expect on it?
Yusuke: Our last album, "Defeat of Sanity" was poor in sound production. The album is not sold any more, so we recorded those songs which were on that album again. The members are different, so I think it came out better than the last album. There are also four new songs after "Defeat of Sanity". We recorded in Brian Griffin's studio and Jim Morris mixed it in Morrisound. It is certain that the sound quality is good. Yet, the album was supposed to be released three years ago, so I cannot say it's new. And now we are just going to record new songs after "Erupted Wrath". After all is said and done, we want to release our new songs as soon as possible.

ID: My perception of the Japanese culture is that it is quite conservative. (First of all, is this true?) How do people (who aren't fans) there in your country respond to your music? Does it create controversy? What do your families think about the type of music you play? Are they supportive?
Yusuke: Perhaps things are more conservative, in any way, compared to America. For example, it's not easy to get a job with a long hair. But there are no idiotic Christians nor any religious oppression. People don't really care about us. There is no problem really. People comprehend Death Metal as a violent and rebellious type of music just for entertainment and we have nothing whatsoever to do with crime, so I believe people take it as a mere image of what it carries. Our families are all understanding people and supportive so we are all thankful. It may sound strange to say families support Death Metal, though.


ID: When do you plan on playing in the U.S. again? Any other upcoming tours or shows?
Yusuke: We are gonna perform in Milwaukee Metalfest, so watch out! We are looking forward to meeting you guys there.

ID: Anything else you’d like to say or add? Anything I might have left out?
Yusuke: I'm all grateful if you guys start to get interested in us. Thank you all for reading this interview. If you see us walking around, don't hesitate to talk to us. Please do. Alright!

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