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=°•NiCoLeYcOlE's CoMfY rOoM•°=


Name:Nichole Harris. Also known as Nikki, Ne Ne, and Big Byrd by my classmates
Where I be Livin at:Pontiac, MI aka Yak Town in the 248 area! Born on the East side livin on the NorthEast siddddddde! hehehe
Age/Birthday:Ok my brithday is/was December 12, I was born in 1981 so I think that makes me 16 huh? *S* I am still accepting cards and gifts all year round! hehehe J/K
Hobbies:I like to read, write, make friends, work (weird huh?), play sports, chill, sing, gig, and anything a normal teen would do!
Sports:I play tennis, track and field, volleyball, basketball, soft ball, football (yea cuz I'm a big gyrl!).

My View on People who talk about people:Get a lyfe! Dang don't you have anything better to do than put someone down? Evidently not! If you have time to talk about someone over the net for what they look like, size, color, or whatever then you are not cool with me and you should leave before I have this page blow you up into the sorry sack of cytoplasm that you are! You are no good! What gives you the right to judge me? Or anyone else for that matter! You are fake! Player hater with a capital "P"! Cuz everybody that you talkin about got more firends than your sorry ass will ever have! Now back to my regular scheduled program! heheh Sowee for swearing! =P
Musical Tastes: *~YOU ARE NOW LISTENING TO BUSTA RHYMES "DANGEROUS"~* Hey as you can probably already tell, I am a big fan of R&B! But not do I only listen to R&B, I also listen to some jazz, alternative, bass, techno, rap, hip hop, oldies, old skool, country once in a while, blues, classical, and gospel. I like music with good beats, quality sounds, love songs, duets, and messages. As you can also can also probably notice I am in love with Immature! You know that foine threesome?! I know you do. But in case if your a fella and don't like them, its o-tay! I luv you too. =) But I also listen to Mista, Ginuwine, AZ YET, No Doubt, Erkah Badu, TLC, Boyz II Men, Hanson, Kenny Latimore, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Meredith Brooks, Fiona Apple, Busta Rhymes, Zhane, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morrisette, Presidents of The United States of America, George Clinton, Kenny G., Allure, Faith Evans, Biggie, Tupac, Jewel, 112, 702, Miss "Misdemeanor" Elliot, Janet Jackson, Spice Girls, LL Cool J., Brandy, Monica, Ray J., Jason Weaver, Black Street, Wu-Tang, Redman, ICP, and lots more! These are jus the ones I listen to all the time! hehehe

OTHER THINGS YOU MIGHT WANNA KNOW:I like roses and carnations. I have a dog, Chow Chow, and his name is Kibouki! He looks more like a bear than anything! =D In my family there are 10 of us! Forunately only 5 of us live in a house together! I have 3 sisters: Jackie, Shay, and Ayanna; and 3 brothers, Darryl, Akua, and Brian. And of course my mom and dad Debrah and Jake. Jackie and Darryl live with me now. A new addition was added on to our family on September 22, 1997. This lil bundle of joy is named Desiree Jaylynn Smith.
A pic of me with my cousin, I tink I was like in 5th grade or sumthinSMILE

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