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SOBERANO++ (May 24, 1979 - Aug. 1, 2002)

Soberano++ Was the Ideal Combination of Gait & Strength

Soberano++ sadly passed away August 1, 2002 of an silent intestinal problem - lesions which did not cause him pain. He was apparently healthy up till the time of his death, quietly in the night. Soberano++ was bred and owned by Crescent Moon Ranch. He had stood at stud in California at Rancho Santa Vicenta starting September 1999 and bred many quality mares in his final years. This great stallion reliably produced his gateado gait and wonderful strength in his offspring. Fully half of his sons and daughters over two years of age are champions. They also have inherited his excellent brio and good mind.

Congratulations to all those who have winning offsprong and "grandkids" of this important stallion, and those who have mares bred. We usually have two Soberano++ sons at stud by live cover or shipped semen, and we have grandsons coming up.

If you have a Soberano++ offspring that has won in the show ring or has other significant accomplishments, please email us so we can add a listing and photo to the gallery of offpring.


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