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Crescent Moon Peruvian and Gaited HorseTack

Welcome to the Crescent Moon Tack Store. We carry tack for Peruvian Horses and other gaited breeds. All saddles are hand made and hand carved. The braided headgears are made by hand by the finest artisans. We can provide custom made tack that will suit your needs and fit your horse.

Call us at (403)546-4331 with any questions!

Or email us at

To order, print out an order form from the link provided and fax to (514)372-2794.

Payment for new items may be made by PayPal, VISA, Mastercard or by mailing a money order. No credit cards for used items. Personal Cheques are accepted but will be held for clearing so are best when time is not of the essence.

To view the tack available, choose the link view the photo catalog.

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Crescent Moon Tack Price & Order Form

Click Here to View U.S. Purchase Form and Print
Click Here to View U.S. Purchase Form and Print

Photo Catalogs of New Tack

Headgears & Reins