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Broodmares of Crescent Moon Ranch (Page 1)

We would like you to meet the mares we are using to produce the future. Please study the pedigrees and note that many generations of careful breeding is represented - in many cases, five generations of horses we knew and rode. In all cases, the mare lines are outstanding, as we believe that blood will tell.

Fiesta de Canada CM

Canadian National High Point Junior Mare at Halter

2000 Canadian National Champion Pleasure Mare
2001 Canadian National Champion of Champions Pleasure Mare
1998 BC Regional Champion of Champions Breeding Mare
1998 & 1999 BC Regional Best Gaited Horse of Show

Dam, with sire PJP Diamante del Norte, of CM Fiesta de Diamantes and CM Nacional -- and bred back!

Pedigree for Fiesta de Canada CM

Macarena CM

2002 Canadian National Reserve Champion Pleasure Mare Canadian National First Place Reining - 2002

2001 BC Regional Reserve Champion Pleasure Mare

2001 & 2002 Kneehill Champion of Champions Breeding Mare and Champion of Champions Pleasure Mare

Dam, with sire PJP Diamante del Norte, of CM Bailador and CM Maestro, and bred back!

Pedigree for Macarena CM

Soberana de Luna CM

1998 Canadian National Reserve Champion Breeding Mare

1996 Canadian National Best Bozal Horse

First in Breeding and Pleasure 2002 Kneehill Championship Show

Dam of chestnut/flaxen maned stallion CM Inca Roca, 2006 Canadian High Point Junior Stallion, sired by VR Tupac Yupanqui. Watch for Inca in the show ring.....he has accumulated an impressive number of firsts in halter and bozal and moves into bit competition for 2007. CM Inca Roca has a true gateado gait and combines the best of our legacy of GAIT and STRENGTH. (See his page under stallions.)

Soberana has been bred to PJP Diamante del Norte and in has produced the 2005 black filly CM Soberana de Diamantes and 2006 chestnut filly, CM Reina de Diamantes. She is bred back.

Pedigree for Soberana de Luna CM

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