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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

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In addition to cognitive-behavioral therapy, pharmalogical treatments (chemical castration) are effective at reducing deviant sexual arousal, fantasy, and fixations. Moreover, SSRI's (Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) have been somewhat effective in reducing sexual energy and sexual thoughts. Anti-anxiety and anti-compulsive medications are also effective in reducing compulsive thinking and acting.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is just one type of therapy (treatment model) for sexual offenders. Strictly behavioral interventions work very well with many sexual offenders, and are more likely to assist people with lower I.Q.'s, developmentally disabled, or mentally ill people.

Though there are thousands of psychotherapists in the United States, there are not many who specialize in the field of sexual deviancy and victimization. This field requires countless hours of direct contact with clients in order to observe patterns of behaviors, and to develop effective treatment modalities.

I have created a workbook which can be used to aid in the detection process of sexual abuse, both victimization and offending. There are also numerous psychometric assessment measures which can detect sexual deviation. This field is both exciting and extremely beneficial to society at large. More importantly, this field needs to expand at an accelerated rate to help protect those in society who may be victimized in the future, or those currently being victimized.

It is our goal to combine research, treatment, and education to help fight against sexual abuse, and to advocate on behalf of those who are unable to.

There is extensive research to suggest that an untreated sexual offender may progress to the point of having over 300 sexual offenses throughout his/her life. Moreover, for every one victim of sexual abuse in America, countless others are affected. The devastating effects of sexual abuse has been well documented and includes: depression, distrust, lack of appropriate boundaries, drug abuse, criminal behavior, prostitution, an inability to bond, perversions, offending behavior, early pregnancy, susceptibility to eating disorders and other clinical disorders.

If you know of anyone who has been sexually abused and is having a difficult time working through it him/herself, please contact me to help put a stop to this cycle of abuse.


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