Psychosexual Evaluations

A psychosexual assessment is an evaluation that focuses on an individuals sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, risk level, and victimology. It also includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations. The evaluation greatly assists attorneys and courts (prior to sentencing for adults), foster care and social service agencies that work with sexually reactive children or children who have been sexually abused, and others.

Who could benefit from these evaluations?

Individuals who have been charged with sexual crimes, children who have displayed inappropriate sexual behaviors, children and adults who have been sexually abused in the past, sexual addicts, defense and prosecuting attorneys, group homes, schools, detention facilities, social services, foster care providers, residential facilities.

How long does the evaluation usually take?

A full psychosexual evaluation usually takes four hours--two hours for the interview, and two hours for the administration of various assessment measures. The report is typically 9-12 pages in length, and is peer reviewed prior to completion.

What are the fee's involved for the psychosexual evaluation?

Rosenberg & Associates psychosexual evaluation fee is set at $600.00. Contact Mr. Rosenberg for more details.

Please contact Mr. Rosenberg, or Rosenberg & Associates staff, through e-mail or regular mailing address at 30161 Southfield Road, Suite 304, Southfield, Michigan 48076 Or call 248-644-1066 for more information and other arrangements.

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