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Psychosexual Evaluations

A psychosexual assessment is an evaluation that focuses on an individuals sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, risk level, and victimology. It also includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations. The evaluation greatly assists attorneys and courts (prior to sentencing for adults), foster care and social service agencies that work with sexually reactive children or children who have been sexually abused, and others.

Who could benefit from these evaluations?

Men, women, and juveniles who are facing criminal sexual conduct charges could benefit from a full psychosexual evaluation. If someone has faced false accusations, an evaluation may assist you in defending yourself. Adults and children who have suffered sexual abuse, sexual addicts, family members concerned with a loved one's behaviors, and many others could benefit from a psychosexual evaluation .

How long does the evaluation usually take?

A full psychosexual evaluation usually takes four hours--two hours for the interview, and two hours for the administration of various assessment measures. The report is typically 9-15 pages in length, and is peer reviewed prior to completion.

Psychotherapists who have advanced training and many years of experience in assessing and treating sexual problems should be the only ones conducting psychosexual evaluations. Matthew Rosenberg has been conducting psychosexual evaluations for over twenty years; moreover, many of the client's he evaluates continue with him in therapy, which gives him even greater insight into the dynamics of the evaluation. If you call a therapist to inquire about a psychosexual evaluation, make sure to ask the therapist how long he or she has been conducting them; what type of training and advanced training does the therapist have; and where there referrals for the evaluations come from (i.e. defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, schools, self-referral, etc.).

If you are in need of a psychosexual evaluation, please contact Matthew Rosenberg, LMSW.

Please contact Mr. Rosenberg, or Rosenberg & Associates staff, through e-mail or regular mailing address at 31201 Chicago Road Suite A102, Warren, Michigan, 48093 Or call 586-275-0657 for more information and other arrangements.

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