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Education, Prevention, and Clinical Training

Mr. Rosenberg and his colleagues conduct trainings and seminars geared toward recognition of the sexual offender, the etiology of sexual deviation, and intervention techniques. Moreover, they are available for prevention trainings and strategies to help educate professionals, students, and the public on sexual deviation, its destructiveness, and the means for preventing it.

Who could benefit from these trainings?

Group Homes, Schools, Detention Facilities, General Practitioners, Clinics, Social Services, Foster Care Providers, Residential Facilities

What areas or regions can you go to train?

Mr. Rosenberg and his colleagues conduct most of their trainings and seminars throughout the United States.

What are the fee's involved for the trainings and services?

All fees are negotiable and vary with location, length of training, number of participants, and so forth. Half-day trainings usually start at approximately $500.00 (out of town trainings will include limited expenses for travel), and include an extensive amount of handouts and resources, lecture outlines, complimentary issues of The Horizon Newsletter, discounts for Mr. Rosenberg's book, videos, and more. Contact Mr. Rosenberg for more details.

General topics include:

He has trained over 900 people in 1999-2000 alone. He has conducted internal trainings for detention centers, group homes, police agencies, and mentoring agencies. He has developed, promoted, and presented at four major seminars in 1999. He is available for case consultations, trainings, and guest speaking. His trainings are tailored to your needs and will be quite informative and catching.

Trainings, Seminars, and Public Appearances, 1999-2000