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Assistance, resources, and information for people who have sexual abused others, or who have been alleged to have

Committing a sexually abusive act, or being accused of doing so, is a very stressful, shameful, and painful experience for many people. For someone who has been accused, or for someone who already admits to have abused someone, there tends to be much confusion over what “lies ahead” for him or her, and it is this confusion that creates an extensive amount of fear. After the abuse has become known, and you suspect that you may be in legal trouble, you should first research and review the following areas:

It is important to remember that most people who sexually abuse other people retain a high level of denial with regard to their behaviors, unless they are caught in the act by a third party (in which case, it is most common for the abuser to significantly minimize his or her behaviors, motivation for abusing, sexual focus, etc.). Remember this, the only three people who know exactly what happened on the days in question are God, the alleged victim, and the alleged abuser. Hopefully the alleged victim will be evaluated to determine the effects the abuse may have had on him or her, and be offered effective treatment to address those effects. The alleged abuser will also be evaluated, possibly by many sources (court, private psychotherapist, attorney, polygraph examiner, police, etc) to assist in determining the factual basis of the case, to determine how extensive the sexual abuse problem is, and to obtain effective treatment. If you believe in God, then you will have to answer to him or her at a later date.

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