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Sponsored, in part, by the Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse and Deviancy

The Horizon is a quarterly newsletter for professionals who work within the realm of sexual deviancy. It features special topics each issue with contributions from international experts. Each issue is 12 pages in length.

The Horizon will feature articles by clinicians, writers, and researchers, focusing on different aspects of the sexual deviance, the treatment, and the profession. There will also be a "research corner" in which new and meaningful research outcomes will be highlighted and briefly discussed. Each newsletter will feature numerous conferences and trainings of interest throughout the United States, Canada, and the World. Moreover, there is a new book, article, and journal section which highlights the new material for the given quarter.


May/2000 Focus on Restorative Justice. Articles submitted by Larry Auerbach, Mic Hunter, Marty Price, Elden Phillip Owens, and Matthew Rosenberg. Insight into alternatives to litigation, reconciliation, and restorative justice resources.

Horizon Newsletter: Restorative Justice PDF Download

Winter 1999--The Pain of Abuse. Articles by family members of victims and offenders. A terrific and insightful issue!

Horizon Newsletter: The Pain of Abuse PDF Download

Fall 2000- Juvenile Sexual Offenders. Articles by L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Ph.D., Cindy Tyo, MSW, George Vanderbossche, MA, LLP, and Matthew Rosenberg. Resources, research, and news.

Horizon Newsletter: Juvenile Sexual Offenders PDF Download

Summer 2000- Assessment of sexual abuse and deviance. Articles by Mark S. Carich, Ph.D., Kathryn Seifert, Ph.D., Karen Engebretsen-Larash, Psy.D., and Elden Phillip Owens. Includes two assessment measures, resources, news, and research.

Horizon Newsletter: Assessment of Sexual Abuse & Deviance, PDF Download


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