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Online Support Group for Family Members of Sexual Abusers

We will be offering online support groups for family members of sexual abusers. We have received numerous requests for support groups for family members of sexual abusers. The online support group will consist of family members of sexual abusers (wives, husbands, adult children, etc), and one therapist to structure and guide each meeting, and to provide resources, information, and support. The support group will meet one time per week, in a private, secure, chatroom, for an hour and a half. The fee, per meeting, is only $10.00 per person; however, since each member should get to know one another and feel comfortable, each member must sign up for at least four meetings (thus, the monthly fee for the support group is $40.00--six hours per month of meeting/support time).

Each support group will be limited to eight members, plus one therapist to facilitate the group. We would like to start a new group in February of 2004. If you are interested in becoming a member of the support group, please email Matthew Rosenberg at to reserve your space. Also, please email him with any questions whatsoever. Members can use our online secure credit card server, or pay by check.

What is a support group?

A support group is a group of participants who share some common problems and concerns. A support group for family members of sexual abusers allows individuals to interact with other people who have experienced similar situations and stressors, to learn from each others experiences, to offer support and guidance, and to assist with problem solving

How does the support group meet?

Each member of the support group will receive an email with a special web page address that only the members will share. On this webpage is chatroom, where each meeting will take place, and a message board, so that members can post questions and offer support throughout the week.

What do I need to do to become a member

To become a member, you should email Matthew Rosenberg at He will send you, via email, a short form to complete. Once the form is completed and returned, and payment is completed, you will receive detailed instructions

What are the times and days of the groups?

The times and days are very flexible. As people sign up for the support group, Mr. Rosenberg will ask each member what time and day is best for them to attend the group. Groups can be held on weekends, weeknights, mornings and afternoons.

New support group starting February 18, 2004 (this will be the start date for the group, but will not necessarily be the day for the other meetings. To enroll in the upcoming support group, click below. Please note, you must enroll for at least four(4) support group meetings, therefore,the total fee for one month is $40.00

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