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Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse & Deviancy

The Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse & Deviancy is a new venture aimed at increasing the communication between the numerous systems that deal with sexual abuse and deviancy. These systems include, but are not limited to: clinicians, researchers, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, forensic specialists, judges, law enforcement, and social services.

The Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse & Deviancy will hold meetings semi-annually with the various systems represented. These meetings will serve to enhance communication, problem solve various problems and issues, introduce topics of discussion each meeting, and serve to make recommendations for identified problem areas.

The Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse & Deviancy has created a listserve to enable members, professionals from various disciplines, and others to communicate on a regular basis. To subscribe to the MCSAD-LIST, please follow the instructions below. For more information on the coalition, its meetings, or its agenda, please contact Mr. Rosenberg at:

P.O. Box 782

Troy, Michigan 48099-0782


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