Understanding, Assessing, & Treating Sexual Offenders: Tools for the Therapist

By Matthew D. Rosenberg, MSW, CSW
Edited by Debra Pawluck, MSW, CSW

Training Scenarios(Profiles & M.O.'s)


John is a 17 year old male who has been sent to a forensic specialist to determine his intensity and type of sexual deviancy. John admits that he has fondled his 6 year old niece on approximately 3 occasions around the vaginal region, but denies penetration (there is no evidence to suggest penetration). When asked why he did it, John states that he was “curious” about sex, and that she wanted him to do it to her. He admits to having an erection during each offense, but states that he did not expose himself nor masturbate in her presence (he states that he masturbated following the offense). John scored very high on the Beck Depression Inventory, and admits that he has been teased at school for most of his life. He states that he feels much more comfortable with younger children because they are not "cruel”.

a. What DSM-IV diagnosis might John exhibit the symptoms of?____________________________
b. Does John exhibit any symptoms of a rape profile?______________
c. What adolescent typology would John best fall into?________________________
d. Is there any evidence to suggest a secondary paraphilia? ____________________________
e. Does John’s sexual deviancy appear to be goal-oriented or exploratory?_____________________


Which rapist profile harbors a generalized anger towards a specific gender, and will inflict great physical damage on the victim?


Where might you most likely expect to find a frotteur?
a) in the woods
b) in a topless bar
c) on a bus
d) in a park

(This is a sample of a portion of the first training series; there are 3 other series)(Copyrighted Material 1999)