Understanding, Assessing, & Treating Sexual Offenders: Tools for the Therapist

By Matthew D. Rosenberg, MSW, CSW
Edited by Debra Pawluck, MSW, CSW

Rosenberg Sexual Deviance Assessment

Please read each scenario very carefully. Once you have read the scenario, please complete the questions that follow. Complete each sentence with whatever you think fits best. If you have any questions, please ask your therapist.

1. Joy, a 6 year old brown hair girl, is playing by herself in her room. Tom, her 15 year old cousin, is downstairs watching sex movies by himself. A few minutes later Tom goes upstairs to Joy’s room and begins to play with her. He then asks her to touch his penis, and she does not say or do anything. Tom then tells her that if she touches his penis he will let her play his video game. Joy then walks over to Tom and begins to touch his penis.

a. The person most responsible for the sexual contact is __________________________________.
b. In the story, Tom is trying to _______________________________________________________.
c. Joy probably ____________________________________________________________________.
d. When Tom watched the sex movies he _______________________________________________.
e. When Joy saw Tom’s penis she probably _____________________________________________.
f. The reason Tom wanted to be sexual with Joy is _______________________________________.
g. When Joy gets older she will probably think of Tom as ___________________________________.

(One of eight scenarios)(Copyrighted Material 2000)