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Below is the Current Ratings List, Please do not give out this URL, it is only for the email group to have & Share. Thank you for your help in this matter. These are Listed Alphabetically, and eventually we can list them by state and/or Country, when we have more listed. Currently all listed below are also in the Maps URLs found at the bottom of the page. These maps show State by State and Province by Province, who's located where.

If you have any information about yourself that you would like listed or changed

please email: Jane in MI or at: daycare-1 list

Alana Temple -in Maryland
Email me at:
Licensed since 1988
Capacity: 8 (no more than 2 under 2 years)

Infants and Preschoolers: $100/week full time (I only take full time)
Before/After School: $50 per week (I only take schoolage if they have grown up with me or if they have a sibling in my care).

I provide everything except formula and diapers/pull-ups

Angie - in Florida
Business name is : Angie's Place Infant and Childcare
Birthdate is 6/15 (refuse to tell the year--LOL!)
I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband, Jon.
I am currently working on becoming a registered provider.
I will be registered for 8 children including my own three.
I have a daughter-3yo going on 25, a son-15 mo, and a daughter- 1mo. (Yes, I am crazy!!)LOL!!!

My rates are:
Newborn to 2--80.00 per week
Age 2-5 70.00 per week
Before/After School--50.00 during school year, summer care (normal rates)

I am advertising like crazy and hope to get started soon!

Ann -Algonquin Illinois (NW burb of Chicago)
Providing care since October 1992 (took one year off *S*)

Rates are:
Full time is $150.00 a week
Part time is $16.00 dollars a day (p/t is under 4 hours a day, less than 3 days a week)
I supply all meals (breakfast and lunch) and an afternoon snack.
Parents supply milk/formula, diapers and wipes.
Open 7:00 to 5:00
Late Fees are: ($5.00 every 15 minutes late, unless notified in advance).

Anne in Houston, TX

Rates: $100/wk full time

Annette in Victoria, BC

Birth to 18mo: $500/month full time, $30/day part time
19mo to 3yo: $450/month full time, $25/day
3yo to 5yo: $400/month $20/day
Pro-D day care $20
Parents provide food & diapers.

Annie in Iowa -Sioux City, Iowa
(right on the Missouri River)

April -in Las Vegas, Nevada
Clark County
First Steps Daycare

Aunt Pat - in Easton, PA (home of Crayola Crayons!)
"Aunt Pat's Home Care" (where your child is part of our family)
My hours are 7:30 to 6:00.

My Rates are:
$3.00 per hour/$21 per day over 8 hours*. This fee is for any age group.
I have a $45.00 weekly minimum.
I DO do part time, as this seems to be the greatest need in my area.

*Rates include am and pm snack, and lunch. I DO NOT do breakfast.
I give sibling discounts, and I charge a half day fee for holidays and sick days instead of the whole day.
Most of my part time parents choose another day for care rather than take the discount! This seems to encourage more parents to choose me over the preschool/daycare located 2 blocks away.

Barb Barghahn -La Crescent, MN
My Web Page: "Just Us Kids Daycare Home Page"

Rates are based on $2/hour with a 25 hour minumum.
Fees are paid weekly on the Friday before the week, based on family's "normal" week's hours.

Barbie - Richmond, VA
Barbie's Family Child Care

Rates vary

Beth -in western Nebraska

Rates are:
$1.65 an hour for the first child and $1 per sibling.

I provide meals and formula and wipes.
I have been licensed for 5 years.

Bonnie Larson -Bemidji, MN
Business Name is: Apple Tree Family Child Care
My Web Page is: "Apple Tree Family Child Care"

Bonnie- in Oklahoma
My Web Page: "StarLight StarBright"
My message board:
My ICQ#: 995866
Birthdate is 11/05

I am married to a wonderful husband, Gary (5 years this August)
I am currently working towards my Early Childhood Bachelor's degree.
I've been in child care for 2 years as a center teacher (right now I teach 1's)

Brandy Danskine -in Rancho Santa Margarita, California (but moving to Oregon soon!:-)
Brandy's Home DayCare

Infant/Toddler Plan ages 0 to 3 - $150.00 a week
Preschool Plan ages 3 (potty trained) to 5 - $145.00 a week
School Age Plan / Summer ages 6 to 12 - $28.00 per day/$140.00 a week
Before/After School Plan Kindergarten and above - $4.50 per hour (4 hour min. per day)

Brandy -in Fort Worth Texas
Brandy's Buckaroos
My Homepage is: "Brandy's Buckaroos!"

Email Brandy
In Business since: AUGUST 12, 1998
Birthdate: 7-21-72
Anniversary: 2-14-92 (Husband: Scott)

18mos - potty trained --- $100.00 weekly full time (potty trained is determined by the childcare provider at her discretion only)
preschool age (potty trained - 5yrs) --- $85.00 Weekly full time
School age (6yrs - 12yrs) --- $55.00 weekly full time child MUST be enrolled in school)
~Drop in care provided for children 18mos - 12yrs~
~I charge an hourly rate of $3.00 PER CHILD~

Brenda -in Northeastern Connecticut
My Homepage is: "Little Tots Family Child Care and Preschool"

My Full time rate is $130.00/week.
Email Brenda
ICQ #206666
AIM screen name brendainct
Yahoo Pager: brendainct

Caney -Kansas

50.00 full-time weekly
20.00 part-time weekly

Carol in MA (Southeastern)
Stacey's Childcare

Licensed, CDA certified Family Childcare

Current rates:
$21.00 per day full time
$15.00 per day pt time

Carol -in N Central PA

Rates are:
$18/day 5+ hours/day
11/day 2 - 5 hours/day
BSAS $2/hour
drop-in $3/hr

Casey- lives in NY (upstate)

These are my "base" rates and may change depending on individual needs/hours
Full-Time infant $115 week
Full-Time toddler/pre-school $90 week
Part-Time infant $25 day
Part-Time toddler/pre-school $20 day

Cherie -in Prineville Oregon
Willows Childcare Center

Rates are:
$18.45 per day for 6 wks. to 2 1/2
$17.10 per day for over 2 1/2 still in diapers
$15.75 per day when potty trained
$13.68 per day for 5 yrs. on up

The building we are in is subsidized by (and adjacent to) the Forest Service and BLM as a daycare for their children.
We do have enough spaces to take children whose parents are not employed by the government
We also take AFS payments.

Cheryl -in Pottsville, Arkansas
I have an in-home preschool.CAS -(Children Are Special)

$55.00 per week, 10 1/2 hour day (Mon/Fri).

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift that's why it's called the PRESENT.

Dana -in IL
My Homepage is: "Mommysbiz"

Dana -in: Victoria (Saanichton) B.C. Canada
Spouse: David
Licenced for: 10 children at any one time (ages 30 months - school aged.)

Preschool schedule: (only preschool is offered)
Classes available:
M/W/F am's (8:45-11:15) (Cost $107.00 per month)
M/W/F pm's (12:15-2:45) (Cost $107.00 per month)
T/Th am's 8:45 -11:15 Cost $80.00
T/Th pm 12:15- 2:45 Cost $80.00

Each session is $10.00 for extra classes or beginning late in month.
$20.00 registration fee charged to hold spot.
10 % discount for siblings, & those children attending more than 1 program.
I currently have 4 children attending 5 mornings per week.
Parents provide snacks except for special days (ie pizza day, Stone soup etc)
Parents also must provide each of their children with comfort kits for emergency & are not required to do any duty days.
I close for the regular school holidays such as Spring break, christmas (10 days-2 weeks) summer holidays etc. (Parents still pay for all except Summer.)

Danielle Washington State

Full Day Rate: 19.00 a day
Half Day Kindergarten: (includes transportation) 15.00 a day
Half Day Preschool: 12.00 a day
Non School Days: 19.00 full day rate
Infants and toddlers in diapers: 22.00 a day
Parents provide: Wipes, Diapers, Formula, and food for babies.
I provide: Hot nutritious meals (2) and p.m. shack.
(the food program is not in my area, as the income level is not low enough in the area:)
Supply fee: 5.00 a month per child.

Dawn -in Martinsville, Indiana (located between Bloomington and Indianapolis.)
Business: Dawn Lullaby Daycare
Hours: 6a-6p

$80..00 fulltime
$45.00 part-time

I do take afterschoolers also.

Deann Farley - in Independence, Oregon
Polk County
I do home daycare

Deb -in Elgin, ND(southwestern part)

I charge $1.50/hr straight across the board.

Debby -in Mora, Minnesota
Licensed since l981
ICQ# 13398078

Rates are:
$90. for infants
$80. for 2yrs and older

I provide meals and a preschool program for no additional fee.

Debi -in Maryland
Email Debi
Capacity: 8 (no more than 2 under 2 years)
Licensed since June 1992

Infants: $130/week full time (I only take full time infants)
Preschoolers: $130/week full time
$30/day with a 3 day minimum part time
Before/After School: $5/hr (I only take schoolage if they have grown up with me or if they have a sibling in my care).
I currently give a 10% discount for siblings (10% off the total).
I provide everything except formula and diapers/pull-ups.

Debbie -in VA

My new rates are:
Full time infants $150/wk
Full time Potty trained $140/wk
Part time/drop ins $30/day 6 hours and over
Hourly $5.00/ for Drop in and Part time

5 - 15 minutes late = $10 late charge
16 - 30 minutes = additional $10
31 - 45 minutes = additional $15
46 - 60 minutes = additional $15
after 60 minutes = additional $20 per ea. 15 minutes

I've only had to enforce the after 60 minutes thing ONE TIME. The mom paid me $70 for being 72 minutes late.
And she's still with me!

Deby -in Massachusetts (Middlesex/Norfolk County)
I am a home daycare provider
Licensed for 6 but keep attendance to 4 or less. (Parents seem to appreciate lack of mayhem)

Rates: full time (40-45hrs)190/wk over 2
full time (40-45hrs)200/wk infants

Was Physical Therapist Assistant 1 year ago before staying home with own kids

Denese -Oxnard, California
'Handled With Care'
Family Child Care
Liscensed May 1995
Capacity 6 +2
Email Denese

Infants F/T $135.00 wk
P/T $35.00 day
Toddler F/T $125.00 wk
P/T $30.00 day
School age F/T $65.00 wk
P/T $5.00 hour

Denise Diaz -Richmond, VA
Jodi & Friends Family Daycare

1216 Grumman Drive
Richmond, VA 23229

Dina -Northern California (Bay Area)

My Homepage is: "Dina's Web Page Adventure!!"

Rates vary

donna -in St. Louis, Missouri
Business name: Family to Family Child Care
Licensed for 10 children ages newborn through 12 years of age.

Rates- are for any age child and are for a consisent schedule:
5 days a week 150.00
4 days a week 160.00
3 days a week 130.00
2 days a week 90.00
1 day a week 50.00

I keep my enrollment at either 4 infants (under 2 years) or 6 children if the ages are mixed.
I provide breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Doug and Denise- in NORTH DAKOTA
Our Homepage is: "Sweet Dreams Childcare"

Here's our Rates:
$2.00 per hour
$1.00 per hour each additional child minimum contracted hours=20
$2.00 every 15 min. late per child
$5.00 per day late fee past 3 days late

Faye -in San Jose, CA
Alphabet Soup Family Child Care

Licensed April 1973
Licensed for 12 or 14 (depending on ages of the children)

Infants full time: $150.00
Pre-school full time: $125.00
School-age Holiday: $25.00
School-age Vacations: $125.00

(The only school-age children that we care for are children that have grown up in our care.)

Ginger-Owasso, Oklahoma
Heart & Home Daycare

Licensed in home Child care
Maximum number of children : 7
Email Ginger:

Birth to 12mo: $340.00 per month $85.00 wkly full time
Part time $17.00 a day or $3.50 an hour under five hours two hour minimum
13 months to 5 yrs: $300.00 per month $75.00 wkly full time
Part time $15.00 a day or $3.00 an hour under five hours two hour minimum

AIM nickname is Heartsful
ICQ# 17157097
CPR & 1st Aid Certified

Iris -Kaneohe, Hawaii!
Business Name: Iris' Day Care
E-mail Iris:
Licensed for 6 children (infant to under 5 yo)
NAFCC Accredited

The rates here vary from $250 to $500 per month.

My rates start at $400 depending on the amount of time the child spends with me (the highest has been $440).
Rates are based on an 8 core-hour base with extended hours.
The 8 hours are from 8:00 4:00 p.m. at $400 per month.
Extended hours are hours outside of 8-4, which I charge $10 every half hour.
Non-traditional hours are negotiable.
I charge the same rate for all ages.

I have 3 weeks paid vacation which I generally take at the end of every 4th month (April, August, and December). If I need to take all three weeks at one time, I give the parents as much advance notice as possible.
I take all the State and Federal holidays (which I think is 14)
I have 12 personal/professional days a year (which I generally don't use all 12 days, but want them in case I get sick or want to go on a field trip with my own children).

Jane -Indiana

Charge $70 full time.
$2 hour part time.
Hours: All considered

jane -in Michigan(Who is currently on a 3 Month Sabbatical- YIPEE!)
"County-Side" Day Care
In business since August of 1986.
Licensed for 12 -Group Family Licensed Home
CPR (infant/child/adult) and 1st Aide Certified.
My Homepage is: "Jane's Page For Those Who Love Children & Gardening!"

Birthdate: April 24th
Anniversary: October 16th (I think, if not, it's the 17th!)
ICQ # 14128910
AOL screen name is wishiwere4

Full time infants- 2.50/hr, with 40 hour minimum (no part timers accepted)
Full time (other)- 2.00/hr, with 40 hr/min.(this is going to 2.25 in the fall)
Part time(other)-2.50/hr, with 25 hr./min
Before and After School, $5.00 min am, or p.m.$2.50/hr extra (snow and etc.)
Drop in- 2.75/hr/other & 3.00/hr/infant (min. 5 hours for either)
Late Pick up or Early Drop off, is $5.00/ for 15 minutes, and then $1.00/minute after that.
Late pay (they always pay Friday for the upcoming week, is $5.00/p/business day, and must be in cash.
I normally don't give family rates a break anymore, but I have done a $5.00/wk. break for some situations. Like where a single mom is really trying and I know her situation.
Vacation time is allowed one (1) week a year, and they pay me for 10 holidays off. I have assistants that cover my time off, as far as vacations and etc. for myself

Janie - Edmond, Oklahoma
Janie's House

Licensed by Okla. Dept. of Human Services for 7 children
Email Janie

Rates are:
Ages: 15 months to 5 years, all ages $105 per week

Jane -In Ventura county in Ca

I charge:
125.00 full week.
30.00 per day part time 3 day minimum.
25.00 per day 1/2 day 2 day minimum and 5.00 per hour drop in care.

Jen- in Lee's Summit, MO.
Business Name: Jen's lil' Jewels

Rates are:
$18 per day - under 1
$17 per day - 1 until potty trained
$16 per day - potty trained until school

Jennifer -in Northern California (Bay Area)
Licensed for 6 + 2 school-age.

Rates are:
$135 for infants and toddlers
$115 for school-age

Jennifer- in SD with about14,000 people.
I own a group family daycare center called Doyle's Country Kids Learning Center
Licensed for 20 children we have 28 children enrolled and are still working with the bank on expanding to 50 children.

My current rates are:
under 2yrs $1.75/hr and
2 and up $1.65/hr,
second child is$1.35/hr.

I am on the food program tier 1 and we serve breakfast, lunchand pm snack.
The parents bring all infant supplies including food and diapers.
Drop in rate is $2.00/hr.
$5.00 every 15 minutes for late pick-ups and $5.00 late payment charge.
We do require contracted hours full time 40 and a few part time at 30 hours weekly.
We will be changing the rates to 6wks to 1yr $2.00 and we will supply the food and formula,
1yr to 3yr $1.75 and 3yr and up is $1.65/hr; a 25 cent discount for second child in age range.
Drop ins are 50 cents over the age rates.
The average price in our area is $1.50/hr for home provider. But they can care for up to 14 children themselves.(Get Real)! Jennifer in SD

Joanne - in Clemmons, North Carolina
Business Name: Joanne's Little Angels
Birthdate: Feb 8, 1973
Anniversary: 4/24/96. (Hubby is Ken)

I charge:
$100/week full time (8-6)
$60 for 2 days
$80 for three days
These are just a tad higher then the centers here (they run around $90-$95 full time)

Joy C -in New Mexico
My Homepage is: "Joy's Child Care"

ICQ # 11643521

My rates are as follows:
6wks to 2yrs 75.00 weekly
2yrs to 12yrs 70.00 weekly
Before/After school 60.00
Kindergarten Before/After 50.00
Drop Ins(space avaible) 3.50 per hour 2hr minium paid in advance with adjustments made when parents return
Daily Rater 30.00 daily 4 hrs or more
Hourly 3.50 up to daily rate
I give a 10% rate discount to multi child families
I am on the lower rate. I have been told I should raise my rates

Judy -Rock Falls, IL

FEES: $75.00

4C'S Food Program

Kara -in Ohio
E-mail Kara

My rates are:
$125 per week for full time no matter the age
$30 per day for part time
$6 per hour for drop in (although I try to discourage hourly kids)

I am single and have no kids of my own. I decided to start my own daycare after working as a nanny for 6 1/2 years.

Katherine - Orlando, Florida
Business Name: Ms. Kathy's Home Child Care
My Web Page is: "Ms. Kathy's Home Child Care"
I am a single Mom of 2 beautiful daughters (22 and 15 yrs old)
I am a former Preschool Teacher and currently a State Registered Professional Child Care Provider *
My license is for 6 to 10 children, but I prefer a small group so as to give individual attention to each of my kids. (My daycare kids that is) *Children need a lot of loving attention*
CDA Candidate
I provide care from Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
I accept ages: Newborn to 5 yrs old....

(Newborn - 2 yrs)-$80.00
2 - 3 yrs - 75.00
4 - 5 yrs - 70.00

Kathie -in CT
In Business 01/81-87 and relicensed in 1995.
Birthdate: July 17th
Anniversary: Sept 4, 1982 DH: Larry

I charge $125.00 per week. This is a set rate that includes absent days and holidays.
They pay me for their vacation time but not for mine.
I provide all diapers and supplies as well as all food. (food program)
I only do full-time and preschool.
I do not charge differently for infants.
I do not give discount rates for siblings.

Kathy -in Michigan

I charge:
$100/wk full-time,
$20/day part-time (drop in only) and
$3/hour for anything else *G*.
I do offer family discounts IF I think the family needs it. I go on a case by case basis...

Kay in North Dakota
I do childcare before and after school and during the summer full time.
I'm thinking of doing a summer camp theme this year.
All my children are from one family so my rates are lower.

Rates are:
During school I charge $25 per week, extra when there is no school. For the summer I charge $55 if they are here not.

Kelli Stone -in Richmond, Kentucky
Business Name: Creative Cottage Childcare Center
Licensed for 20 ages infant through preschool.
609 E Main St
Richmond, Kentucky
My Home Page is: Creative Cottage Childcare Homepage

Rates are:
Infants and toddlers (full time) 85.00
Preschool ( full time) 75.00
Daily drop in 20.00

Kick -in Columbia, Maryland
Right smack in the middle of Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

Kimmy from Mesa, Arizona
I am the Executive Director for Tots Unlimited Preschool and Child Care center. We have 9 centers valley wide.

Our rates are:
Infants $125.00
One's and Two's $110.00 or $22.00 per day
Three-Six $100.00 per week or $20.00 per day
School Age $ 95.00 week or $19.00 per day or
$3.80 per hour

We only charge for actual days attended.

Kim from Arvada, Colorado, (suburb northwest of Denver)
Business name is Kim's Daycare(for right now)
I've been licensed for 2 years
I'm the newsletter editor for Jefferson County Child CareAssociation
F/T $110 / week for under 2,
$90/ week for over 2 ;
PT / $20 a day over 2,
$25 a day under 2
Right now I have a regular license (6 kids age 0 - 5, no more than 2 under 2 yo, plus to before and after school agers, own kids count in those numbers).
We have 3 kids of our own, 5 yo girl, and 7 yo and 9 yo boys.
Thinking about going to group after the move, but not sure yet, as we can only have 2 under 2 if their older siblings are in care then, and I would lose my 2 babies then.
I do only provide care up to 5 yo.

Kirbie - in the Fort Worth, Texas area

I charge: $100.00 per week for all the daycare children I keep. It doesn't matter what the age is.
I got tired of trying to keep up with who paid what each week; as far as I am concerned the children do NOT get easier as they get older; just need a different type of supervision and care (lol). I told this to my dc parents and they agreed.
I am about to go up to $115.00 per week in May.

Kris -Spencer, Iowa

I currently charge $85.00 a week for full time and I only take full time.

Laura Dunn -in Williamstown, WV
Business is: Laura's Childcare

85.00 week for diapers
75.00 potty trained
And, if available a drop in rate of 2.00 per hour

Leona -in Victoria, British Columbia
Leona's Family Childcare

Rates: $25-$27/day full time
$16/half day
$4/hour drop in

Miss Linda - New Brunswick, Canada
I teach in a pre-school program (have 2 classes with a total of 24 little 3-4 year olds)

Linda- in Lehigh County (Pa)

I charge
$100. for infant care
$80. for toddlers and preschool.
It is a flat rate regardless or holidays, sick time, snow days whatever else.
I don't do part time, but the going rate here is $3.00 an hour.
For full time I am on the low end of average.
I do include meals and get some reimbursement through the food program. Hope this helps.
LOL***I'm moving to St. Louis.***

Lisa -in (northeastern) Mass.
Friends & Fun Family Daycare

Licensed since 1989
My hours are 7:30 to 5:30
Currently licensed for 9 -will be licensed for 5 plus 2 school age in Oct. '99 (my homeschooled 11-year-old counts toward my limit of 6)

Email Lisa
My Web Page is: "Friends & Fun Family Daycare"

My Rates are:
Full-time flat rate of $125./wk. (they pay even during absenses) payable the Friday before care begins
Part-time rate $20/day
Hourly rate for school age $3.50/hr. & $100/wk. during vacations

I accept state daycare vouchers (that's my niche here - I'm the only family daycare provider in my city that accepts them)
I'll be starting a formal two-day per week preschool program in the fall.
I'm a bit more lenient on my rates than a lot of you are because attracting clients in this city is tough (and $ talks with most of them!). Our move here three years ago was an excellent move real estate-wise but a terrible move business-wise.

Parents provide all diapering & medical supplies & I provide 2 snacks and lunch for children over the age of 1. Parents of infants supply their own food & formula.
Parents pay 1/2 their usual fee when they take vacation time
I take 1 week unpaid vacation & 10 unpaid holidays & other various unpaid days during the year
Late pick up/early drop off fee of $5 for every 15 minutes
I don't charge a late fee if they forget their check but I do require that they deliver it by Friday evening.

Lisa Henderson - Austin, Texas
Business Name: Dreams and Discoveries Daycare/Homeschool
Registered Family Home
Time of Business: 15 years Child Care experience: Opened this Daycare Business on January 1, 1999
My Web Page: "Dreams and Discoveries Daycare!"

Full Time - $115 per week
Afterschoolers - $50 per week

6 fulltime, 6 afterschooler (if no infants)
6 fulltime, 4 afterschooler (if 1 infant)
6 fulltime, 2 afterschooler (if 2 infants)

Lorenna M. Randall- in Virginia

O.K., my rates are on the low to average side around here.
One child, full time (25-42 hours) $ 55.00 week
Part time (10-24 hours) 35.00 week
Less than 10 hours 2.50 hour
Two children, full time $ 100.00
Part time $ 60.00

Lori -in (Northern NJ)
My rates:
FT 150 week
Part Time 35/day
Drop In 6/hour

Lorraine Macaulay -in Hesperia, Ca.
Email Lorraine
Licensed since 1993
Capacity 12 or 14 [depending on ages ]
Hours: mon.-Fri. 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Infants and special needs children of all ages: $90.00 a week / $25.00 a day
18 months to 5 years: $85.00 a week / $20.00 a day
School-age: $ 50.00 a week

I'm on the state food program
CPR/ First-aid
21 ECE units
Second Helping Graduate
Mentor Provider

Louisa Butler -Waianae, Hawaii
Business Name: Butler Family Child Care (Christian Owned)
Email Louisa
Background: Retired Military January 92 (20 years) Registered Nurse
Licensed since 1992
Capacity: 6 (Infant to 12 years old) operates 24 hours

Full Time----$432.00 $200.00 Deposit is required upon registration(Last 2 weeks of care)
Part Time Care, or occasional drop in care $6.00 hr. during the week .
Weekend/Holidays -$7.00 hr

I provide everything except Diapers/Wipes.
I have two (2) weeks paid vacation yearly during the month of July.
Parent are given a list of Holidays/Vacation in December for the entire year.
I'm off all Federal and States Holidays.
I have 12 Personal?Professional days a year.
The Goals of Butler Family Child Care are to provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment with a happy and enthusiastic approach to your child.
The program stresses establishing good hygiene habits, manners and promoting each child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being.

Marge -in far northern Wis.

My rates are:
$20 for an 8 and 1/2 hour day for Potty trained children.
$25 for an 8 and 1/2 hour day for birth through Potty training.
Additional hours are $3.00 for Preschoolers and $3.50 for Infants and Toddlers.
I also have a $5 minimum for all partime children.
PS I am also the only licensed or certified in a 25 mile radius.

Mari-( British Columbia, Canada)
I just picked up the latest rate sheet from Victoria's Child Care Info Services
They are as follows...these are for family d/c...licensed AND license not required
As of Jan. 15th 1999 As you can see, there's quite a bit of leeway here.

Infant......$396-762.00/month............average $522.00
.................$ 20.00/day-$40.00/day...............$ 28.00
.................$ 3.00-$ 8.00/hr....................$ 4.50
Toddler...$396-$653.00/month...........average $496.00
.................$ 20.00-$40.00/day...........average $ 26.00
.................$ 2.80-$ 8.00/hr....................$ 4.00
3-5 years $297.00-$646.00/month............... $476.00
.................$ 20.00-$ 40.00/day..................$ 26.00
.................$ 2.50-$ 7.00/hr.................. $ 4.00

Marianne - in PA

My rates are:
Infants & Y.T. -- $115/week
O.T. & Pre-School -- $90/wk
Daily Rate -- $30/day
I provide Breakfast, AM snack, Lunch, PM snack.
I also provide the infants food and formula.
Parents supply diapers, etc.
I provide a Pre-School Program and pay for all Field Trips, Birthday parties/gifts, and "special" occasion parties.

Martha -in Robins AFB, Georgia (Houston County)
Business Name is: Lil Ducklings
My Homepage is: "Lil Ducklings Family Day Care!"
Email Martha

full time $80.00
part time $45.00

Marty -in IL
Business name: Marty's Munchkins
Licensed since: April 1989
Licensed for 8.
ICQ: 33979602

My rates are as follows:
Full week 4-5 days $80-90 depending on hours of care
Part time 1, 2, 3 days $25 per day
Hourly (up to 4 hrs.) $3.00 per hour

Another provider and I combine our children and do a preschool program with the children 2 days a week and we go to story time at the library weekly.
We also go on field trips monthly, if there is a fee I notify the parents 2 weeks in advance.
I am also on the food program
I supply food but the parents of infants supply formula.
I give the parents 2 weeks vacation that they don't have to pay for and I take 2 weeks vacation that they pay me for - if the vacations don't happen to coincide.
I also get 3 paid personal days a year and 9 paid holidays.
I charge $1 minute for coming either earlier/later than their scheduled time.
I am open from 7:30-4:30 generally, with special circumstances I will open 6:30 to 5:00.

Marty in Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Teddy Bears and Rocking Chairs
My Homepage is: "Teddy Bears and Rocking Chairs!"

Email Marty
State licensed
Cherokee Nation licensed
License capacity 7

0-1 yr $303.00 per month
2-5 yr $275.00 per month
6 yrs and up $250.00 per month

Mary-Jane Garnett -in Surrey, BC, Canada
Business Name: MJ's Family Day Care
Licensed for 7. Currently caring for 4.
Been in business since Sept. 1992, caring for children from 1 to 5 yrs.

Rates are:

$525/mo. all ages.
$25/day all ages.
All food and snacks provided, except for special diets.

Meichelle -Springfield, Oregon
Business Name: Lil' Ones Daycare

Rates: $2.25/hr. for full time
$2.50/hr. for part time

Melissa R. Filseth - in Princeton, Iowa
Business: "The Loony Bin" Childcare

Full-time $75.00 (35-45 hours per week)
$125.00 2 children
Part-time $1.95 per hour minimum of $35.00 per week (anything under 35 hours per week)
Part-time $1.25/hour (each addtional child)

Melissa -in New Martinsville,West Virginia
Business Name: Lock Your Hart On Kids
Wetzel County
group facility -16 children a day

Michelle -in Brampton (Ont)Brampton is a suburb of Toronto.

Rates are:
$25/day or $125/wk
$15/Half-day with breakfast, snack & lunch
After-school (3:30 - 6:30) is $10/child / day (add $5/day per sibling).

I currently have space for 2 kids.

Monika in La Crosse, WI

2 yrs. + $90,-/wk full-time (38 hrs. up to 44 hrs) $ 2.10 each additional hour
over 25 hours 2.50/hr
under 25 hours 2.70/hr
under 2 $100,-/wk full-time (38 hrs. up to 44 hrs)
$ 2.30 each additional hour over 25 hours
2.70/hr under 25 hours 2.80/hr

I also charge a $10.00 Registration Fee per child that includes a 2 hour visit with the parent to get the child used to the daycare.
I charge $10.00 Late Fee after 2 days past due and an additional $5.00 each day.
After being 3 days late, child will be dropped unless arrangements have been made.
Return check fee $25.00
There is a late pick-up fee of $5.00 additional for every 1/2 hour or fraction thereof.

Monique Barnhart - in Oregon
Barnharts by the Beach Childcare

PO Box 2378
Waldport, Oregon 97394

Nora- in Michigan
Business Name: Little House Day Care -5 years this month.
Group License for 12
Birthdate: October 29th.
Anniversary March 20th -(we will be married 6 years next week)

Rates are:
Full time $80.00 a week 30-45 hours a week.
Part time $2.00 an hour (all ages)

Pat -somewhere in Connecticut
Business Name: Pat's Family Child Care

Rates are:
Infant care - Full time only $160. per week
2 year olds & up to full day at school $135. per week
Before & After for all day schoolagers $ 80. per week
Drop in or part time care $ 32. per day
Full time for all day schoolagers (holiday- school vacation days) $ 28.00 per day
1/2 day care for all day schoolagers (early dismissal- teacher conf.) $14.00 per 1/2 day

There will be no extra fee for weather related delayed openings up to 60 minutes. I am unable to provide transportation to or from schools.
There are many good summer programs during the summer months that specialize in providing developmentally appropriate activities for schoolagers. I strongly encourage you to explore these options. There will be no fee charged here at Pat's Family Child Care while your child attends a summer program elsewhere.
* After the children have been in my care for more than 6 months, parents will be responsible for my 2 week paid vacation at the child's regular rate.
* All infant supplies will be provided by the parents, including formula, food, diapers and wipes.

Pat Petersen -in Mankato, Minnesota/ 56003
I am license for 14 children
I have been doing daycare for 24 years
Hours 7:00a.m.- 2:00a.m. Monday- Friday
Email Pat

Rates are:
0-19 hours $55.00
20-29 hours $70.00
30-45 hours $90.00

I give my parents 1 week off without pay and I dont charge them when I take off.
The rest of the year they have to pay me.
I also charge them $25.00 twice a year for misc..

Raymona-in Radcliff, Kentucky
My Birthday is Jan. 16, 1969.
My homepage is "Raymona's Home Child Care"
My ICQ# is 8221677.

My Rates are:
$60-$75 for full time.

Rena from Victoria,B.C.(yes another one from B.C.)
Business Name: Buddy Bears Family Daycare
In Business since: Sept. 1995
Licensed for 7 children

Under 1 yr. - $575.00/month $ 27.50 per day full time
1yr.-3yr. - $525.00/month $25.00 per day full time
3yr.-5yr. - $500.00/month $25.00 per day full time
Kindergarten - $300.00 to $500.00/month

I provide lunch and two snacks. Special diets are provided by the parents.
Field trips are included and I provide transportation to school if required.

Renee Miles -in Kendall, Washington
Business Name: Udderly Fun CHild Care
Licensed for 8

Rates are:
0-2 yrs $110 a wk or $25 a day
3-5 yrs $90 a week or $20 a day
6yrs+ $75 a week or $15 a day

Before or after school $20 a week
Before and after school $30 a week
Kindergartners $50 a week for all normal school weeks.

During School closures, i.e. vacations, teacher in-service days, snow days etc., the weekly/daily rate applies.

Rhonda- in Illinois
Business Name: Small Wonders Daycare
Length of time in the business: 12 years
My Homepage is: "Rhonda's Home Page"

Birthdate: July 1st
Anniversary: February 14th(really!)

Infant care: $20 a day (no less than 4 days enrollment is accepted no matter what. In other words, they pay for 4 days whether they are her 3 or 2 days.)
Toddler/school age care: $18 a day
Before and after school care: $50 a week

I have 3 paid personal days.
Each child gets 3 paid sick days.
I take 3 weeks of unpaid vacation. (this is because my husband gets 5 weeks and we comprimise with me taking 3)
The parents get 2 weeks vacation free with a two week notice.
I take 13 paid holidays (two are flexible)
They supply diapers, formula and wipes. I supply all food and "extras

Rick -in Ohio
I am a county certified provider
My birthday is 7-1 Im 29 year's old and my wife is older than me. She also was a certified provider until she was taken off for medical reason's

$2.00 per hour for kid's age's 6 months to 13 years

I also provide care for handicapped children there are so few provider's for the handicapped and my daughter is handicapped.

Ricki -located near the little pinky finger in Michigan
Business Name: Little Sweethearts Day Care
Licensed for 12

Rates are:
$2.50/hour full time (40+) under 12 months
$2.00/hour full time (40+) 1-5 years of age
$2.50/hour 30-21 hours/week
$3.00/hour under 20 hours/week
$4.00/hour overtime

I do not furnish diapers/wipes/formula.
I offer preschool classes with child led activities and weekly themes.
We have regular visits to our horse, and swimming, weather permitting.


Roxanne Hanson -in Langley AFB,Virginia
Business Name: Honey Bear Child Care
Hours: 6:30 am - 5:30 pm
My Web Page is: "Honey Bear Child Care"


Roxanne from WA.
Business Name: Terrific Tots
I am a Family Child Care Home
I am Licensed for 12.

Rates are:
$100 a week for infants through age 30 months
$90 a week for preschoolers
$80 a week for Kindergartners
$55 a week for school agers.

Shanon -in Barstow, southern CA (high desert area, toward Las Vegas on I-15)

My rates are:

Full-time: $85.00 5 days/10 hours per day
Part-time: $70.00 5 days/6 hours per day
Hourly: $2.75 per hour

Sharon Reese -Upstate NY here

Rates-vary per individual family range from
20.00 to 30.00 per day

Shelley in Denton, TX
Business Name: Sunshine Station
GDH for 2 yrs current enrollment is 8 (I do not take infants under 1yr.)

Here are my rates:
$95 wk infant
$85 wk toddler/preschool
$40 wk after school (it stays the same even when they have spring break or so on)
Part-time is 25 hrs or less per week. The rate is half of the full-time plus $5.

Sheri -in SF Bay Area
Business Name: Guardian Angel Daycare

I *just* got my license and will be charging $150 per week, full time/part time, etc.
I'll have 2 infants (already have them) and 4 from age 2 - 5.
Maybe I'll take 2 schoolagers eventually.
It is VERY expensive to live here so $150 is NOT a lot.
Centers are WELL over $200 a week - it is crazy.

Sheril- in Ceres, Ca
Licensed since 1991 (for 6-8 children)
I currently have 6 FT kids in care ages 6w - 4yo
Married 15 years
Two dd 10 and 15yo

Rates are:
Part time (less than 30 hours a week) is $2.00 an hour;
Full time (30-50 hours ) is $70.00 a week -
Overtime(50+ hours) adds $2.00 an hour.

Charges for transportation to school may be added (preschool or other than Don Pedro School and may not be available).
If you enroll at full time care, part time care may not later be available, and vice versa.

Stacey - in NE

Rates are:
$15.00 per day
$2.00 per hour
$5.00 per 15 minutes overtime

Stacy -in CA

Rates are:
$300/month part-time (less than 25 hrs)
$495/month full-time (25 hrs-50 hrs per week)
$3.00/ hour for overtime
$25.00 per day for the occasional drop-in

I will be raising my rates in June.

Stef- in NE PA

Rates are:
I charge $75.00 a week

Suzanne (Penna) in Central Jersey, Toms River area

Rates are for Full time only (No part time offered.)
Under 15 mo (NJ infant cut-off age): $150/week
Over 15mo: $135/week

Participating in Food Program
Using Early Beginnings Preschool Curriculum

Sylvie -Pembroke Ontario Canada
Business Name: Kid'z Dream daycare

Rates are:
$25.00 a day full time
$15:00 a day part time

Tammy -in Waite Park, MN
Licensed since May, 1988
Licensed capacity: 14 with an assistant
My Homepage is: "Wee Care Family Child Care"

My Rates are:
$17 per day full-time
$2.50 per hour part-time
$1.00 per minute late fee after 5:30
$5.00 per day fee for paying late

Tammy in Oregon
My Web Page: "Tammy's Dare Care!"
In Business and Licensed for last 3 years.
Licenced for 10 children- 8 of which including my own may be under 6 years of age( 3 of those may be under 2 as long as one is at least 18 months old).

I charge $12 half day
$20 full days with a $40 a week minimum. (I have a lot of part timers)

I give 15 days vacation and sick days per child and take holidays and at least a two week vacation for myself unpaid.
I offer USDA meals, personally designed pre-K curriculum and fun activities, a structured enviroment, and large fenced play area for ages 0-8.

Tanya Wall -in Tucson, Arizona.
I currently care for four children in my home.

Rates are:
18$ a day or $90 a week for all children.

I provide lunch and snack which is an additional $8.00 a week.

Tarran Duncan -Bonham, Texas

Rates are:
$75 for infants
$65 for 18 months & older

Tawnya Bunker -Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Business Name: Second Home Day Care
In Business for: 3 years.

Rates are:
Full time: $2.00 for 1 child; $4.00/2; $5.00/3
Part time: $2.00 for 1 children; $4.00/2; $6.00/3

Terri in Austin, Tx
Business Name: Punkin Patch Family Child Care
Registered Family Home since October 18, 1998
I am registered to care for a maximum of 12 children including 6 infants/preschoolers and 6 after schoolers (depending on the number of infants). The max for infants being 4.

Rates are:
6 wks - 11 months $105/week
12 - 23 months $100/week
2-5 years $95/week

My current enrollment is 2 infants and 2 preschoolers, looking to fill 2 preschool and possibly 2 after school positions.

Terri - in Alma Center Wisconsin

Rates are:
$2.00 per hour for 1st child
$1.00 each additional child in family

Plan to change my rates to the following (in September) thanks to all of you all.

Fulltime Daily Rate (4 or 5 days a week)
$20 a day/per child under age 2
$18 a day/per child 2and older
anything less than 4 days a week is considered a drop-in
Drop-in Daily Rate:
$30.00 per day
Before and After School:
$7 per child/per day

Terry Korst in Minnesota
Group Family Childcare
In Business for: 10 years
My Web Page: "Childcare Classics"
202 Marian Court
Circle Pines, Mn. 55014

Theresa P. CarnealHanover County, Mechanicsville, Virginia
Business Name: This Little Piggy Home Daycare
State Licensed (Been doing daycare for 6 1/2 years
DOB Aug. 18, 1967
Terriffic Husband: Rick Married 10 years June 24, 1999
2 sons: Daniel 7 & Zachary 6
2 hermit crabs

Weekly Fees:Age 0 - 2 $100
2 - 3 AND Potty Trained $85
3 - start school $80
B & A school $55
Summer care school kids $75

currently care for 9 boys including my 2

Tina Little - Mebane, NC
Business Name: "Little Blessings Daycare"
Email Tina
My Web Page is: "LittleBlessings Daycare"

Rates are:
Full-Time Rates: $85 weekly/Infants - $75 weekly/Toddlers
Part-Day Rates: $50 weekly/Infants - $45 weekly/Toddlers
Drop In care is also available - Hourly rates vary

Childcare is available for 1st & 2nd shift workers.

Toni - Washington
Business Name: Little Friend's Childcare
Licensed for 8, current openings 1 (part-time until mid-July)

Rates: 22.00 a day for birth-2
20.00 a day for 2-5
18.00 a day for 5-11
10.00 a day for before and afterschool care

traci - in suburb of Chicago IL
Been in business full time for 5 years now.

Rates are:
Full time= $125.00 per week
4 full day's =$108.00
3 full day's = $90.00

My rates are on the high side for my town. But that's because most around here want cash only, so as not to pay taxes!
I no longer take part-timers. And after learning from all you great people that I was "screwing "myself, I no longer give a break to families with more than child in my care.

Valerie -in OR

Rates are:
$20 a day or $2.50 an hour.

When I was calling different day cares to see what they charged, I found one that charged $50 a day. But I think I'm in the average for my area.

Vicki -in Wyoming
Group Child Care.
Rates are:
$90.00 for under two
$70.00 for over two
$50.00 for Kindergarten

I provide meals but not formula, I also provide pre-school.
I charge by the slot, no part timers.
I am on the higher end for Fees in my town.
I give them two weeks vacation and I take the major holidays paid but don't for my vacation, I also give them two sick days a month for their child, just so they don't bring them sick.
In our State, Wyoming, no one has their vacations paid, very few get professional or personal days paid.
Our infant slots are few and far between so I could probably charge what ever I want and I could get it, but I would feel really guilty if I did.

Wendy -in Hurst, Texas
In Business since: September 21, 1998 (7 months)
Licensed for: 6 (All open at this time)
My Web Page: "Babes in Toyland Home Childcare"
Birthdate: 12/12/68
Anniversary: 05/23/92 (Husband: Jeff)

My Rates are:
Registration fee $25
Full time $80
Part time
3 Days $65
2 Days $45
Drop in $25

Saturday Care
1 child $25;
2 children $35;
after 2 children $10 per child

Wilma -in Chestier, VA

Rates are:
I charge $75.00 a week.

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