Jane's Page Those Who Love Children and Gardening!

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Jane's Page Those Who Love Children and Gardening!


I have been a parent for 20+ years, was a Licensed Child Care Provider for over 13+ years, and an Advanced Master Gardener with Michigan State University Extension Office for over 9 years. Computing has been a self-taught experience for the past 11 years, mostly out of the necessity for my business. Then a several years ago I joined an Internet Service and found the net to be very useful both in our businesses, and in our daily lives.

While surfing the net I have found a lot of useful information that has helped to educate both the Parents of the children I care for, Providers that I network with, and for mine and my family's education. Some of things I have had to research are include:

  1. The Rights and Requirements of Schools and of Children in Regards to Special Education Students in Private, Charter, and the Public School Systems.

  2. State of Michigan Requirements in regards to Licensing for Family & Group Home Child Care Providers, and the special needs we encounter with young children.

It is my hope to share what I have learned and enjoyed in life and on the web with others.

Please E-Mail me at the address at the end of the page, if you know of more interesting or informational links to add to this page, or if you found this page useful in your life! Your time in sending a short note is appreciated!

If you enjoyed the links, please bookmark the page and stop back often! Thanks for stopping by! Jane : )

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